Monday, March 5, 2007

Flea Market

Hey this is hopefully going to be a more interesting post than the last one!

I found out that people are actually reading my blog! Like people in Tokyo...I met one of them at a party...and one of my Japanese friends told me she reads it too. This is blog post "my life is a dream" is sooooo dorky I cant believe I wrote it...but I guess I am happy here. I knew my family and friends back home were reading I wrote that for them to see how happy I am!

Ok, well the other night my Canadian housemate came home drunk with the local net cafe guy who me and Henry met just before Christmas. He is very excitable and "hopes and wishes to be our friends" Anywayz we ended up thinking it was a great idea to go to the local conbini (convinience store in japanese) dressed up crazy!

On Friday I finally met up with Hillary again! I havent seen her since Christmas day when I was reallllllly sick and before that the day I moved out. It was sooo good, I have really missed her! We went to an art opeining at "The magical artroom" gallery where Hillary interned and her collaboration partner was having an exhibiton.

Some Art

This cat drawing is soooooo funny, I LOVE it! and below the tennis racket it so cool!

Me and Hillary modeling!

Afterwards I took Hillary to meet my friends at a private Teenage Kicks Party at Coins bar in Shibuya. She really liked it...I think it was her 1st time to go dancing in Tokyo. Her boyfriend Naoto came and was super shy as always, but he is such a sweetie!

Hillary and Naoto in love...sweet

Shingo being Shingo, currently in Tune magazine.

Gallermic (The fashion ramone and the love of my fashion life!!!) sporting a new haircut, and Rory (I think thats his name....ah he is a model and dresses cool) *PAT if you are reading this you so could be a model in Japan

Henry and Shingo....about to make out???

Cass (not sure on the correct spelling) cute little raver boy as seen in last issue of FRUiTS!

Aiko, orgainiser of Kicks....a model and also girlfriend of Rory! As seen in FRUiTS with Gallermic.

Me and Shingo...I look drunk!

If you didnt know yet Henry is staying here until July 5th...maybe. He has been working at GABA but isnt getting alot of shifts sooooo he may still need to return home cos he has no money...But hopefully that wont happen. Anywayz he has 7am starts, yikes, and had to get up and go to work after only 2 hours sleep after this party...which meant we missed the party I wanted to go to on Saturday night...dress up Animal party...oh well! It meant we were well rested and able to go to the Yoyogi Park Flea Market in Harajuku. It was AMAZING, so much cheap stuff, and I bumped into Maya from Spank (I keep bumping into friends, the other night In Harajuku waiting to meet Henry after work...he works there...I bumped into Saki and her boyfriend , Saki is also a spank girl...we went shopping at Tower Records, I always bump into Shingo because he lives in the next suburb...I love bumping into friends in Tokyo!!!) Anywayz here are some market photos!

The market has over 800 stalls

some cool grafitti

Henry searching for a new shirt

Fashion Hayley stikes an angry pose

Henry looking cool

Yohei and Perry who are djs/fashionistas who want me to be a model for them...Me a model??? but I said yes...I dont know what I have to do.

Group shot!

The market was really cheap. I got so much stuff, 3 whit shirts for 300yen or $3 AUD, a tartan scarf for 10yen or about 10cents, a black dress for 100yen or $1 AUD, a free Nova rabit. Henry got Free Architecture magazines and a new shirt and braces for 100yen each!!! Sooooo good.

The market is held once a month on a Sunday, I am definatly going to go every month from now on. Its sooo cool, they have bands and everything. Its 100 times better than Camberwell market back home!

Ok its getting late,


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  1. I was REALLY glad to find your blog!! I am leaving in 4 days to go to Japan to teach English. I will also be in Tokyo, which I am really thrilled about. I also LOVE LOVE cloths and fashion. I have so many questions, but I would love some advise on were to shop. I am a curvy girl and very worried about finding stuff in my size.
    (I also have a passion for Fruits and Cutie. Heehee)

    My blogger profile is
    I just started it and it is not very interesting (cause i'm not in Japan YET! but I was reading over some of your old blogs and I just really related to you. I am experiencing a lot of what you described.
    Drop me a line if you have the time.

    I enjoyed reading your blog. And you outfits are cute!
    I hope you get into Fruits!!


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