Thursday, March 1, 2007

New Hair and Asthma

Ok, I havent posted in a while, mainly due to being sick. I had a really bad asthma attack last week just after I got my hair dyed back to Blonde.

Here is a photo of me sick

I got to go to my first ever Japanese Doctors. They are a little old fashioned here, they use old asthma treatments like the ventalin pump and also apparently sometimes you take your medicine analy instead or orally!!! Luckily all my 5 (yes FIVE) pills were the oral kind! Also the nurse is in the doctors office passing him things...kinda cute. I still have to get my money back from my insurance...but it was only 6000yen or about $60 AUD, so its not urgent.

and this is my NEW hair!!! Its HOT.

I got my hair done at Number 406 in Harajuku. Its the best salon ever, you can watch dvds at your chair and the interior is like a princess castle! I dont have a time I will take one. OH and its soooo cheap... only 7000yen for 4 hours of hair colouring!!! Thats only like $70 AUD!!!!

Those photos are taken on Henrys new Ketei (cell phone in Japanese) it has a 5megapixel camera...but those photos were taken low res so we can take alot of photos untill we buy a new memory card. I LOVE this phone and I'm thinking of getting an upgrade. Its soooooo handy and pretty in red.

I havent done much else but I did teach an English Lesson to Saki and Maya at the Spank shop in Koenji. Tabouchi and Saki are in the USA getting new stock for the shop. It was fun, I taught them about email language and also fairy tales. Fun times!!!

Because I was sick I missed the BEST party of the year. The Ksubi Neon Speread party. Karren O was there and alllll my frienddssss...not fair. BUT this weekend there are lots of parties to make up for it.

ok I have to go to work for some new kids training.



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