Thursday, October 19, 2006

Love Hotel swimming pool and a 4am haircut

B4 haircuts

Ok on Monday night me and Thom from work went out after work. We went to Omotesando to this cool restaurant called SIGN. It has a really funky interior and yummmmmmm food. Downstairs is a gallery and upstairs is a cool bar called Office....which looks like an office and it has an amazing view of omotesando dori. We ended up missing the last train (as usual!!!)

Sign Restaurant

We decided that as we were going to have to stay up all night we should go to Shibuya to party. We caught a taxi and it only cost 660yen (about $6.60) cheap for Tokyo (it was about a 2 min drive) and Shibuya looked dead (it was a Monday night) so we were getting desperate! We went to this gross hip hop club called Gas Panic that was full of American GI's....we hid in the corner so we didnt have to talk to them and we could watch the cool and cute Japanese hip hop boys dance...They did this dance sorta like the grape vine....just more hip hopy...They are the most gentle non bad ass hip hop boys in the world...anywhere else in the world and they would be on drugs and fighting...but here just dancing....and it was only boys dancing...again very unusual for anywhere else in the world. After 2 drinks we decided to leave....the American army guys were too gross!

We were walking around wondering what to do next, when these cute boys came up and spoke to us....I dont really remember but we ended up walking trying to find this bar that me and Henry went to last time called Alcatraz ER where its medical and jail themed. The boys said there was no such place, and they took us to lock up...which is just jail themed...I was like "noooo this is the wrong place" and it was shut anywyaz....the boys left us and we walked for about 1 minute and then there it was Alcatraz ER I knew we were close....stupid Japanese boys didnt know their own city!!!

However it was 4am and that too was closed so we walked down to the main street and noticed that the hairdressers was open. We bought a few beers at 7/11 and drank them in the street and went in to get our haircut at 4am...totally drunk. I do not recommend doing this...I asked for a really short style with a short fringe...after about 2 years of growing it out from that...stupid!!! The good thing is it only cost about 4000yen (about $40) and a colour was the same price so I am going to go back to get my hair a normal hour!

After our 4am haircut we decided to go to a love hotel. We found the one me and Henry saw last time that has a cave room, but that was booked we got the 1950's style swimming pool room...the swimming pool was HUGE for inside a hotel room here in Tokyo. We swam until 10am, (well I fell asleep for a while....) but wow what a crazy night. Thom is hilarious...and his 4am haircut looks HOT.... Porn on the TV's and swimming in you own privat oasis cost us 30000yn about $300 FUCK but Thom paid for most of it...Thankyou Thom!

Here are some pool pics!

You can see Thoms hair cut here...he got the same thing...only shorter!

Porn on the TV...gotta love it!


My fringe is too long to leave down and too short to put up!

Oh and I went to Sizzler for lunch the other day... so gross...exaclty the same as it used to be in Australia...But there was a funny Halloween Christmas Tree! YAY!!!

Sayonara from me I have to go pick up my Alien Registration card....2 days late...I think they give you a fine...opps


  1. hey its lepa. i have a phone now! my number is 090 9964 0183. we should catch up soon!!


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