Sunday, October 15, 2006


Crazy photo of me and Hillary!!!

OK I had the craziest night on Friday night! It all started innocently enough at an izakaya (japanese pub) for dinner with my 2 housemates and 1 gay african american....all of us Nova teachers. However slowly we got drunker and drunker untill we were having food fights at out table and telling the wait staff they were sexy....And then these 3 sallarymen sat down in the booth next to us. OF course I started talking to them (as usual) and we joined our tables....2 of them were married 1 was single so I made Hillary kiss the hot single one (she wants me to get her a bf by being pushy) so they kissed for ages and then we decided to go to a Karaoke booth....Somehow in that time the marrried sallarymen had kissed the gay guy and my other housemate....and the fact they kissed the gay guy was soooo crazy cos here in japan being gay is not accepted at all....Anyway so we end up at the karaoke booth and all the guys get topless and start feeling Hillarys tits, she takes of her shirt and leaves her singlet on....Joanne makes out with the 32 year old married sallaryman (22 is single, 32 and 37 married) and I just laugh hysterically at the action...I kiss the 22 year old for a little and suck hills tit *opppsss!!! but thats all I do....Im not really as drunk as everyone else and I dont like the idea of kissing a married man. All of the guys are kissing the gay guy in intervals between Jo and Hill...The 22 year old and Hillary are really going for it and our time is up. We leave expecting the 22 year old to come back to our place for sexu with Hill...but he ran away saying "chin chin too small" (chin chin is penis) OMG wtf is with Japanese men? Even when they are offered sex on a plate they dont take least not with western women! OHHH and guess what their job was...they were in the meat industry...dealing in gross!

Joanne and Steven

The 3 sallarymen

The kiss that started it all

If you want to see the CRAZY photos from that night email me and I will email them to you....they are to X rated for blogger

Earlier that day I went and had a look at this AMAZING house is Sasazuka which is like 4 mins from work, and 10 mins from Harajuku, Shimokitazawa, Shibuya....basically the loaction is HOT!!! The guy picked me up at the station and made me ride the spare bike to the 1st time riding here in Japan!!! The room is also $100 cheaper a month than where I live now....40 mins from work!!! and 1 hour from everything cool. I find out tonight if I can move in, they wanted me to untill I mentioned Henry is coming to visit for 2 months....sharehouses here are run by companies and you can only have guests stay for 5 nights for free, every night after that is $20. And if they stay 1 month they have to pay the same amount of rent you do....So I asked if maybe Henry could pay half and do alllllll the household chores...They are seeing if thats ok...I think though its worth it to pay if I have to because the location is AMAZING! and its normally sooo cheap!

After that I went to Shimo Kitazawa (walked there in 7 mins yayayay) and shopped and took lots of photos! I bumped into this guy from the night I stayed out in Shibuya untill 1st train....he is in a band called Sleepy dog ...but I didnt recognise him without the hat he wore last for ages I was like ummmmm who are you???? His name is Taro and he lives in Shimo...I have to live around there, all the cool students of mine live there (I have like 4 fashion designers as students....I think we are going to see Peaches together...shhhhh dont tell nova!) Here is a photo of him

And some of Shimo Kitazawa!!!

I have to go to Shimo now and meet Taro and Thomas from work....Sayonara!!!

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  1. omfg Hayley, you are tearing Tokyo apart! I SO want to see those photos... do you still have my e-mail address? Send them over!


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