Thursday, November 9, 2006

I moved house and Halloween party

I havent had the internet for a little while because I moved house finally! My new place is so amazingly close to everything its crazy. I will post photos of my new house next week. Right now I want to talk about Halloween. I went on the infamous Yamanote gaigin Halloween train, Basically you get on the train at exactly 9:07 at Shinjuku station with about 500 other forigners and a few Japanese people dressed up and you ride around the yamanote circle, drinking, turning off the lights and frightening old people! When we pulled up at a station old people would literaly run the other way. We took up 2 carriages and they were jam packed, It was soooooo noisy and crazy, people sitting on the racks above the seats....Oh what fun.....Then when you pull up at Shinjuku station again after about 1 hour of train time madness you alll jump off....When we jumped off you wouldnt believe it but there was a Japanese Sallaryman ASLEEP on the seat....h e slept through the whole loud crazy thing. I have no idea how he did that!

I dressed up as a horse!

I will post more photos latter

Sayonara! I have to go to work!

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  1. very Cool, wish I was there earlier. :), can't wait to see the other pics.
    I can't sleep....


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