Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I got a laptop

I got a laptop on Friday but have been too busy to make a post about it untill now....3am on Tuesday night!!!

Friday was soooooooo wet and rainy here, it was a Typhoon apparently. My umbrealla broke in the wind when I was in Akhibara Electric Town buying the laptop and because of the rain I got soaked and couldnt take any photos. I also couldnt walk around Akhibara and maybe go to a maid cafe because of the rain... It sucked!

On Saturday I worked untill 9pm and then met Hillary to go to Shibuya to try and meet cool boys. We succeded. We met these cool and cute guys from a band who were having a party at an Izakhia (spelling may be incorrect but an izakhia is like a japanese pub...but with seperate rooms for groups) I ended up missing the last train and had to party all night with them untill 1st train at 5am. The 1st train was PACKED and it was a SUNDAY morning!!! I also have no photos from this night because I didnt bring my camera....oppps!

On Sunday I woke up at 3pm (after getting home at 7am!!!) and went to this cool area called Shimo Kitazawa. It is like Harajuku but without the tackyness and tourists....its my new fave hang out. I bought a cool 2nd hand blouse and a red love heart bag that was about $60 au...opps! I also won the UGLIEST doll in a UFO catcher on my 1st try....that happened the other day too....I won a mikey mouse toy....The UFO catchers here are dead easy or I'm very lucky....

Then on Sunday night I went with my friend from work Thomas to a gay bar in Shinjuku called Arty Farty and had the BEST time dancing to pop music and as Thomas said "getting treated like Madonna" basicalley I was very popular and had people hugging me and dancing crazy with me alllllll night!!!!

I had to catch the last train home and I met Atushi at Shinjuku station just in time. I wasnt able to met him through the week because I got really sick and had an asthma attack....and I didnt have my puffer in Japan....luckily Henry was able to post it to me express post and I got it in 2 days....yay!!!

Anywayz we went to Karaoke near my house in Fuchu...and boy can he sing...he is sooooo cute when he sings, I have a video of it but I havent worked out how to make the file small enough to upload onto stay tuned for Tokyo videos coming soon!!!

I lost my voice trying to sing but we still had fun, even though because he is underage we couldnt drink (legal age here is 20....he is 19)

After Karaoke we went and drank beer in the childrens playground on my street untill 3am...Im a bad influence on him...He stayed over and slept on the couch...nothing is going on with us at all! he is tooo wierd!

OK my comp wont let me ad photos I will try and make a new post!

Sayonara....for now


  1. wow. i'm almost 20 so Japan time here I come!!!

  2. Sounds like you had a really fun weekend (Apart from the asthma). Much better then mine, being sick coughing my lungs out. Although on Saturday I did have a very lovely time enjoying the fashion and sun in Chapal street.

  3. sounds like you're having an unbelievable time! two more weeks til i'm there. the bastards still haven't told me where i'm going!! grr


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