Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Tokyo Art Beat

OK so in my last post I talked about what happened Fri, Sat and Sun but on Monday I also had alot of fun! I went to 2nd anniversary party with Hillary. It was at this cool bar in Roppongi called super deluxe....Apparently designers and actors and artists all hang out there. There were people from (design mag online about japan) and alot of artists! There were drawing walls and projections of an artist drawing, sound artisits, vj's and d'js. We met the creater of tokyo art beat and he gave us his card and said to email him. Also we met the owner of the pink cow.....its a cafe where artisits hang out in Shibuya and she just invited me to this party on the 27th full of actors, directors, artists, bands ect... Im in with the cool crowd...its so easy because I'm western and they like what I wear...and when I have a camera around my neck they think I'm like a famous photographer or wanted to stay and hang out with all these people but we had to go because the last train is at12:00 (TOKYO needs 24hr trains!!!!) and Hillary had to work....we had a fight because I wanted to stay and she wanted to leave...and we only just made the last train time...running through the station she got in and the doors started to close and they closed on me....luckily i was indise!!!!! and because we had run soooo much we were like lets run from the back of the train to the front.....Japanese people thought we were crazy....opps we are giving westerners a bad name!!!!!

OHHHH The night I stayed out till 5am I was hanging with a guy who was in Battle Royale!!! ong how cool is that!

OK Blogger is currently experiencing problems with adding photos....or it might be my computer....ahhhhhh soooo check out my flickr account

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  1. I finally found out where I'll be; my apartment is supposedly within walking distance of Fujisawa train staion on the Tokaido line. The night I get there tho i'm going to be in a hotel in Shinjuku. So yay I'll be within train distance of you!!


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