Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Here are some photos from Japan so far

Local donkiotos car park attendant (Donkys is a discount superstore!!!)

Women only train carriage...so I dont get felt up!!!

1 of millions of photos from the BEST concert EVER...I love you Madonna...and I cried like I knew I would!!!!

My LOVELY view....not

MMMMM cocktails Japan is obsessed with Hawaii...hense the themed restaurants everywhere!!!

Naked men doing some traditional Japanese dance in g-strings!!! I have a video of it too...wait till I get my laptop for that!

Mos burger dudes plus Hillary and me!

Hillary (my best buddy here in Japan) and our Japanese friends at a Budhist temple...

I have been having a ball...So much drinking, partying, meeting cute Japanese boys and shopping...I love Hillary, we have such a good time together (she is my housemate)

I have a Hilarous story about a Japanese boy....he is only 19 I met him drunk on the CROWDED train going home (drunk as usual) anywayz we arranged to go out the next night to Karaoke. All day he sends me wierd emails to my mobile (you can email via your cell phone here) here is an example of one*(is a person of physical condition ok than that?) WHAT the hell does that mean???? anywayz when we do go out he keeps saying *I want to kiss you when we get home* i was like ok cool......BUT when we got home he got scared and said he was a virgin and didnt want to.... I laughed alot...poor kid...but we are going out after work tomorrow night...

I have to go,,,the keyboards gone nuts on me


  1. Oh my god Hayley these photos are great! And I can't wait to see more of Madonna... so glad you're having a good time! I really want to come over and have cocktails. :-)

  2. err your going out with him?

  3. Hey, I found your blog.
    Great photos, can't wait to see more. Anyway Hope all is well.


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