Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Madonna Tickets

These are what my beautiful Madonna Tickets look like! I am so excited about this concert. I got to meet Harry the Japanese student who lives with my sister in Bendigo at the dorm who bought my ticket for me. I gave him a very "Aussie" presant of VB beer, a VB beer mug oh and some Japanese chocolates that he wouldnt be able to get in the country!

I cant wait to see the concert, I have watched clips on youtube. It is soooo amazing. I love how she does controversal things...its HOT.

In other news I didnt go to work today, I slept in. Its not like I really need the money either. So today I am going to clean up my bedroom (Its like bomb went of in there) so I can find what I need to pack more easily. Only 13 days till I go now. WOW OMG this is CrAzY!!!

Ok got to clean up now



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