Monday, September 11, 2006

1 week to go
I have been added to expat blog so hopefully now people can find my blog YAY!!!

There is only 1 week to go untill I will be writing this from Japan. I am so excited. It has come so quicky. I only have 4 more days of work, the last day being Dress up Japanese day. Then on Saturday night I am having a dress up Japanese and Karaoke Party.

Last Saturday night was my friend Rochelles 22nd birthday. We went out dancing at click click till 3am. I'm still recovering 2 days latter!

This is Me, Rochelle and Henry.

Fashion...(She is wearing really high heels)

I think I finally have enough tights for working as a teacher at Nova in japan. (You have to wear tights/pantyhose of you wear a skirt....and seeing as I only wear skirts because I dont believe in casual fashion I have to stock up on tights now because Japanese tights DONT fit me!)

OH and I also finally got a suit Jacket. I have been looking and looking for months and months for one that will fit my fat arms and small waist. I decided to try Bridge Road again (Factory outlet street in Melbourne) and walked up and down the whole day. I didnt find anything I liked and I was getting annoyed. The last shop I was going to visit was Charlie Brown (an Australian fashion designer) and I found 4 or 5 suit jackets that worked for me. So I had to narrow it down to 2, one that was more expensive but was more professional and one that was more "me" as in it had a few quirky design features such as puffy arms and a cool giant button. I decided to go with the more "me" suit jacket a bonus being it was $130 cheaper than the other one I was thinking about getting. YAY now I am going to look like a professional and there wont be a chance of me being sent home! (NOVA are really strict with the dress code)

I have also been a bit worried that I dress like a "Cartoon". In the last few weeks I have been dresssing more conservatly trying to practise my Japanese work clothes. A new guy at work told me I look like the Town Bikes (a dance troop)

He didnt know who they were he just cut a photo out of the newspaper...

AND I met all these Japanese guys on a CRAZY drunken night out with Rochelle. (It was an afterwork drinks thing...I got very drunk infront of my team leader, the "corporate" guys and all my colegues....It was hilarious...I told my Team Leader his band sounds like vomit...) Anywayz me and Rochelle were going up to people and asking if they were Japanese...we ended up finding a whole heap. I become friends with 2 Satashi and Itchi...I went out to another bar with them and kissed Satashi...oppps I have a boyfriend/fiance. Satashi actually slept over at me and Henrys house....oppps how crazy is that.... Satashi and I met up a week latter so he could teach me Japanese and I could teach him English. He sent me a very funny text message:

"Please no clothes like cartoon"

What the? I really didnt think I dressed that out there... I mean in Japan you have people who dress like cartoon all the time...its called Cosplay and Fruits magazine showcases all the crazy things people wear in Harajuku! I thought a Japanese person would understand...

OH my aim is to get a photo taken of me in Harajuku for FRUiTS magazine...stay tuned on that front!

In my next post I will have photos of the dress up Japanses parties...



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