Tuesday, September 5, 2006

2 weeks to go

There is now only 2 weeks untill I get on the plane to go to Tokyo. I am definatly getting nervous now and I only have 8 days left at work, its the 1st job I have ever had job satisfaction at, its weird to be leaving it so soon (I only started 5 months ago).

This is my week so far:

My sisters birthday in Bendigo went well (That is a photo of my family, my sister next to me, my grandfather and my nana with my mum on the end) Ebony loved the ipod! It was exhausting though, we didnt get into the city untill 8pm and we had to go to Henry's parents for fathers day dinner...fun (not) I dont like Henrys mum, she isnt very nice to me...doesnt respect me and what I have done for Henry and Bridie. (I helped them grow up, move out of home and be independant...but mostly I helped Henry overcome extreme social anxiety)
This is Ebony and Henry carrying the picnic basket, they look so fashionable!

On Saturday I went to the local costume shop and hired a Geisha costume (Kimono, obi, parasol, fan) for my 2 days of goodbye celebrations starting September 15! I have to get on the tram dressed like a Geisha and go to work, embarrasing!

I am getting really stressed about the last minute shopping I need to do but I have finally found some tights at BigW. They have a cheap and good selection of tights so I'm going to go back closer to when Im leaving..

This is a list of things I still need:

1 Pillow
Opaque black tights x10 pairs
Opaque white tights x2 pairs
Sheer tights in beige, white and black x15 pairs
3x roll on deoderant
1 suit blazer
3 or 4 summer work shirts
1 black cardigan (maybe)

Im really really sleepy right now



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