Thursday, August 18, 2016

Pink Snow

Yes it really does snow in Australia! I know it's hard to believe maybe for my international readers but Australia isn't permanently in the midst of a heat wave, we do actually have four seasons and in my part of Oz we have a pretty chilly winter. It doesn't snow in the heart of Melbourne but you can drive for about two hours and find yourself in the midst of a beautiful white wonderland depending on the direction you go. My friend and I headed to Mount Donna Buang to see the snow for ourselves and had a pretty fun time making snow balls and throwing them at each other. The snow season is sadly now over for another year, but I think I'm going to try and make the effort to go every year from now on.

Outfit details
Pink Bomber Jacket Show Time in Sydney's Chinatown (the mall housing this boutique is AMAZING and my number one spot to shop in Sydney!)
Pink Turtle Neck Jumper Gorman
Stripe Glitter Dress Gorman
Pink Cableknit Tights Obus
Pink Glitter Boots Golden Ponies
Pink Pom Pom Beanie Gorman
Pink Earmuffs Daiso
Pink Gloves H&M
Pink Backpack Ebay
Pink Pom Pom Charm Seed Heritage
Pink Flower Bangle Materiel

I couldn't be wearing more pink if I tried!

Pink Pom Pom Beanie Gorman
Pink Earmuffs Daiso

My sister gave me these super kawaii gloves from H&M. I don't recommend making snowballs with them though as they're not waterproof and your hands will freeze like mine did!

Pink Gloves H&M
Pink Flower Bangle Materiel

Truth be told these are not the best boots to be wearing in the snow, I actually changed into a pair of gumboots I brought along after we shot these photos. But they look super duper freaking awesome!

Pink Cableknit Tights Obus
Pink Glitter Boots Golden Ponies

My love of backpacks never dies!

Pink Backpack Ebay
Pink Pom Pom Charm Seed Heritage

This jacket is all kinds of amazing. Those little patches also say "Leave Me Alone" - how freaking perfect is that?

Pink Bomber Jacket Show Time in Sydney's Chinatown

Shop the look!!!


  1. Gahhhh! You are the cutest! and those boots are wicked! Love your whole outfit and it does look beautiful. One day I want to visit Oz.

  2. Think Pink indeed! Loving your winter look!

  3. Just wondering, what is the quality like of those boots? I'm thinking of buying some glittery shoes from the same brand, and wan to know how durable the glitter is. Would you recommend?


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