Saturday, August 13, 2016

Long Lost Tokyo

 These photos are actually from late last year whilst I was still in Tokyo. My friend Yalei took them for me while we were out shopping in Harajuku on one of my last days, and then somehow with the madness of my last minute packing to come home I lost the SD card that these photos were on. That is until today. I am so happy to unerath them as they're such cute photos of a really fun outfit from a really fun day. I can't believe that it was nearly a year ago that I was over there, and that this year for the first time in a long time I'm not going over. 2016 has been a big year of change for me as you all probably know, but I am definitely making plans to head back to Tokyo in 2017, for now I have these photos to remember it by.

Outfit details
Dress Marimekko Tokyo (This dress was apparently exclusive for Japan)
Pink coat Tailor made in Hoi An Vietnam
Pastel pink tights We Love Colors plus size tights
Earrings Kitsu
Bangle Tsumori Chisato
Pink bag Uniqlo
Bag charm Monki
Pins old Gorman, similar from Creepy gals
Pink Brogues Topshop

 I was staying in a guesthouse with no iron, oh the creasey nightmares.

 I was trying out Igari makeup, which was and maybe still is the most popular makeup trend in Tokyo. Basically it is all about under eye blush. Forget contouring, try Igari! Created by top Japanese makeup artist Igari Shinobu, the original inspiration for the look was hangovers, this season it is gaijin baby (Caucasian baby) with even more blush! You see it everywhere, especially around Harajuku. It's meant to make you look youthful and doll like, what do you think? Personally on me I feel like it makes me look old and like I have some kind of rash. I think I'll leave it to the girls in their late teens and early twenties from now on haha.

Earrings Kitsu
Pins old Gorman, similar from Creepy gals

 I got my nails done at Beautik in Laforet in Harajuku. I think it's a really cute idea, just doing the ends, plus it can last a lot longer because it already looks grown out to begin with.

Flower bangle Tsumori Chisato | Pins old Gorman, similar from Creepy gals | Pink gift bow ring Tokyo's Tokyo at Omohara Tokyu Plaza | Pink flower ring Paris Kids Harajuku

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  1. Ahhh, find a way to come back soon. I really wanna go back to the Marni outlet with you again and i'm too lazy to go by myself lol.
    Miss you loads
    - Yalei

  2. You always look fantastic and this outfit was a match made in heaven for the Crepe Stand!
    I'm now on a hunt to find that poodle pin :O



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