Monday, July 6, 2015

Colour Pop Winter Layering

I don't believe in basics, well not in the way that nearly every magazine or fashion blog preaches their importance to your wardrobe - "The 10 must have winter basics you need have in your wardrobe now" with a list of mostly black, white and denim pieces that are all incredibly boring to my eye. For me my winter wardrobe basics are of the loud and bold variety, sure I need a raincoat but make mine yellow with bright flowers all over it. Pink tights replace black tights, a cute pink beanie instead of a grey one, pink patterned gloves and so on, you get the picture - give me all the colour please! As Buzzfeed said recently of my style it's "retro meets rainbow, and shows that bright colours shouldn't be confined to the warmer months"!!! These photos were taken on a cold and rainy day whilst we were away in Daylesford, at beautiful Lake Daylesford. Did I mention it was absolutely freezing cold and lightly raining when we decided to walk around the lake? Thankfully I had my trusty and oh so bright Tsumori Chisato raincoat to layer over my outfit to keep the rain at bay, which had all the Daylesford locals and tourists starring at me as I was the brightest person in the whole town that day.

Outfit details
Yellow flower raincoat Tsumori Chisato
Pink leather jacket Gorman
Neoprene tie dye co-ord jumper and skirt Shakuhachi no longer available but the dress is on sale at David Jones
Pink tights Kardashian Kollection from Woolies
Pink glasses Bespecd Nara's in Rose Pink
Pink ear muffs Daiso
Pink beanie Daiso
Lilac backpack Little shop in the main street in Noosa
Brogues Gorman

Underneath the raincoat I was wearing my trusty pink Gorman leather jacket which kept me toasty warm. A biker jacket is a must have piece for winter in my opinion, and I love owning one in statement making pink!

My outfit was this Shakuhachi two piece co-ord tie dye neoprene jumper and mini skirt that I picked up at their store in the Emporium on sale. Neoprene get's a bad rep from a lot of people who don't like the texture, personally I find it really warm and comfy and I love how bright this set is.

Protected from the rain in my hooded raincoat from Tsumori Chisato. My Daiso gloves help keep me warm too.

Pink gloves Daiso
Yellow flower raincoat Tsumori Chisato
Lilac backpack Little shop in the main street in Noosa

As does my Daiso beanie and earmuffs! Perfect winter basics in my favourite shade of pink!

Pink ear muffs Daiso
Pink beanie Daiso
Pink pom pom earrings Poms Jewellery

Flower bangle Tsumori Chisato, was my bday pressie from my bff!!!
Triangle ring Gorman from their Gorman Surprise outlet store on Bridge Road
Gold flower ring Marc by Marc Jacobs, was my bday pressie from Henry!!!

I'm super excited to announce that I'm teaching a class with Lady Petrova at her School of Fabulousness all about finding YOU & YOUR PERSONAL STYLE on September 19! In this insightful class, Fashion Hayley & Lady Petrova will teach you how to create your own signature look and fine tune your style identity. We will also help you with your self confidence and teach you the tools so you know what styles, colours and silhouettes suit you & your figure best. 100% Body Positive, Fun, Quirky and Insightful! For more information and to secure your spot please click here.  I can't wait to meet you all (。♥‿♥。)

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  1. Your outfits always bring a smile to my face because they are so bright and cheerful! I still cant believe its winter there, as here in germany we are experiencing summer! I wish you all the best for your class!

  2. preach! winter in Melbourne can be sooo boring it's insane! love all your bright and warm outfits on parade :)

  3. Oh! I haven't looked at your blog for a while, and what a bright young thing you are today! I also love Lady Petrova! Well done on all the things!

    I've had a few sewing endeavours with neoprene, and would love to try a co-ord of something.... Happy Daylesford to you guys!

  4. cute! You are so adorable.


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