Monday, July 7, 2014

A Day At The Museum

Do you do this thing where you buy something new, get obsessed with it for a week and wear it almost daily and then promptly forget about it for the next few months? That's the story of my life, I get obsessed with a new piece and wear it to death. That's why I've been wearing this new dress I picked up at Gorman's outlet store everywhere this week. I bought it to wear to an event at Melbourne Museum for their current Aztecs exhibition (a must see!) and then wore it out the next day with Henry to the NGV to see Paola Pivi's 'You started it..I finish it' exhibition. I'd been seeing the fluoro polar bears pop up on instagram and just had to check it out for myself and it didn't disappoint. The exhibition is the height of kawaii kitsch, the polar bears are each posed in adorable ways distinctive to their imagined personalities. I fell in love with all the pink ones (of course!)

Outfit Details
Splatter dress Gorman Surprise Outlet store on Bridge Road
Biker jacket Vintage from Vintage Sole
Badge Fashiondacci
Woolen tights H&M (the only thing I've bought from H&M thus far as I LOVE woolen tights and they're so hard to find in Australia.
Glitter Chelsea boots ASOS
Pom pom earrings The Bright Young Things on Etsy
Pink cat ears bangle Tsumori Chisato

I was so excited to find this dress and have it fit me. I actually tried it on a few times when it was originally out last summer but found that the ruffle section stuck out horizontally on me as if it didn't fit which led me to not buying it at the time. I have no idea what has happened between January and July but somehow the same dress in the same size actually fit me. I wasn't even going to try it on but it was so cheap I couldn't help myself. Who knows why it suddenly fit me as I'm pretty positive I haven't lost any weight.


I got a haircut and I LOVE it! I need to remember to maintain it at this length, I think it suits me much more than my usual longer style.

Cat eye glasses Bespecd Nara in Tortoiseshell (I want the pink too!)
Pom pom earrings The Bright Young Things on Etsy
Lipstick Shanghai Suzy
Haircut Miss Gertrude

At the Melbourne Museum Aztecs exhibition launch I Scream Nails were doing Aztec themed feature nails. I got mine painted over my usual shellac manicure - looks so cute!

Badge Fashiondacci
Pink cat ears bangle Tsumori Chisato
Rings from left to right Purple triangles ring AMBUSH | Pink resin ring Keep Resin | Clear + pink print ring Tokyo Design Festa | Red acrylic ring MOMA NYC | Pink gift bow ring Tokyo's Tokyo at Omohara Tokyu Plaza 

Tasmanian op shops are untapped gold mines of 90s realness for crazy cheap prices. Mini 90s backpacks like this go for crazy dollars up here in the big smoke but down in Tassie you can find yourself some crazy bargains!

Black backpack Op shop in Tasmania for 50 cents!

Everywhere I go these boots gets mad levels of compliments. They are pretty rad and were on sale which makes them even radder in my opinion!

Glitter Chelsea boots ASOS

Even with the school holidays crowd the Paola Pivi exhibition was breath taking.

Also checked out Kehei Nawa's 'PixCell-Red Deer' while we were at the NGV. It's mesmerising.

Shop the look!!!


  1. Nice dress and boots, they're amazing! xx

  2. you look great! i love your hair cut and color! The exhibition seemed like tons of fun!

  3. The haircut is perfection! In some of the longer shots, with your earrings, it looks like you've got bleached hair with black ends which is a pretty rad look too!

  4. You are forever inspiring and the exhibit looks wonderful too!


  5. Those boots are uhmazinnngg!! What a find.

    Love the look of that exhibition, all the bears are so cool, especially that pink one! Lally X


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