Monday, June 23, 2014

UFO Catcher

This dress is another piece I allowed myself to buy just before I went away. Usually I ban all shopping before a big overseas trip in order to save money, but I really wanted to have some cool new threads to wear in Tokyo AND I was turning the big 3.0 so I thought heck I kinda deserve me some new shit. It may seem like all I ever have is new clothes, which I guess is true being a fashion blogger and all, but the truth of it is my wardrobe is actually very small and considered. People have been surprised by how small it actually is. I live by the rule one thing in means one thing out (which is why I'm always having garage sales) but I also prefer to spend more per piece to buy quality or interesting unique design over quantity. Being a size 16 or plus size does make this a little harder which also reduces how much I own because if half the shit I liked would fit my fat arse then I'd own it all and more often than not it doesn't so I don't buy anything for months at a time. That's why I love this custom made dress by recent UK fashion graduate Jade Clark. Made to my measurements to fit me I just love it and it really didn't cost much at all for a custom made piece at $120 including shipping!!! You need to follow Jade's instagram to see her latest designs that she can custom make for you, there's a few new things I have my eye on. 

Outfit details
Gingham dress Jade Clark custom piece via her instagram 
Rainbow plastic bag bag Vintage Comme des Garçons from Rag Tag Harajuku
Flower bangle Cats Tsumori Chisato
Cloud Socks Princess Highway
Pink clear jelly sandals Rubi Shoes
Cherry earrings Bubbles Mart Shibuya 109
Lipstick Limecrime Pink Velvet from Lady Petrova

Sad face because I didn't win the kawaii lamb plushie in the UFO catcher .·´¯`(>▂<)´¯`·.

Tokyo is the land of amazing clip-on earrings! Every cute jewellery store has a wall of regular earrings and then the same range in clip-ons which is unheard of here in Oz. Whilst my clothing wardrobe may be small my jewellery collection is out of control and has something like nine drawers devoted to it plus various wall hangings and hooks. And yes most of it is plastic! I generally prefer to buy and support local jewellery designers but in Tokyo I allow myself some cheap fun because well it is cheap and fun! The Cats Tsumori Chisato flower bangler was one of my 30th birthday pressies from Henry and I adore it. I'm thinking about doing another Tokyo Haul video like last year because I got so much good stuff on this trip!

Flower bangle Cats Tsumori Chisato
Cherry earrings Bubbles Mart Shibuya 109
Lipstick Limecrime Pink Velvet from Lady Petrova

Talking about good stuff I bought it Tokyo, how amazing is this vintage Comme des Garçons bag I bought at Rag Tag in Harajuku? I was really lucky to be the first of my friends to see it because everyone was mad jealous at my score.

Rainbow plastic bag bag Vintage Comme des Garçons from Rag Tag Harajuku
Cloud Socks Princess Highway
Pink clear jelly sandals Rubi Shoes

Shop the look!!!


  1. Please please please do a haul video. Japanese stuff is just 100x better (even and especially the socks).

  2. Excellent outfut!! :D
    You always inspire me!


  3. The bag's so awesome! And great location :)

  4. Super obsessed with your Comme bag, i need to go to japan for all the vintage shopping I'm clearly missing out on-
    and I agree with you on the closet space dilemma and feeling the need to periodically sell clothes in order to buy more

  5. Love the accessories! LOVE LOVE LOVE the colours!

  6. That bag is so pretty. I love the idea of it. I love your accessories too.

  7. Where are the cats eye glasses from?

  8. You look pretty when you smile in photos!

  9. MY NAMES HAYLEY HUGHES TOO!September 12, 2014 at 2:44 AM

    Oh my God Hayley. You are my inspiration. I love you. YOU GO GIRL!


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