Monday, March 24, 2014

Pineapples at #VAMFF Runway 3

My first show of the week for Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival aka #VAMFF was Runway 3 presented by Frankie Magazine which featured some of my favourite local designers such as Alpha60, Kuwaii and of course Gorman. So in honour of this fact I wore pretty much head to toe Gorman to the show as I've been loving them so much recently. Yes, I bought even more of the pineapple print Spring/Summer collection which conveniently has been on sale in stores recently. How could I say no to this gingham and pineapple print dress for under $100? I actually tried it on at the start of the season but wasn't convinced that the boxy shape suited me. It's also a little too short for me to wear without tights so luckily I bought it at the start of Autumn when the weather is just right for a light weight dress and tights combo. I teamed it with my favourite polka dot parka from Gorman last season which they've re-released in a few new tempting prints this season (which you'll see below in my runway coverage). I actually have two other Gorman looks to share with you also bought on sale - this obsession is kinda getting out of hand don't you think?

Outfit details
Polka dot parka Gorman
Pineapple & gingham dress Gorman
Pineapple bag Gorman
Pineapple necklace Gorman
Sunglasses Tsumori Chisato from Pet Shop Girls
Tights City Chic
Holographic heels Windsor Smith
Pom pom earrings Tokyo
Faux fur bangle Bubbles Harajuku

I kinda love how my new hair looks here. So sharp and blunt. Too bad it's such a bitch to get to sit like this about 99% of the time. Fine hair is just so whispy and flyaway I dream of having thick hair that sits how you set it.

When will I get over wearing these sunglasses I hear you ask? Well the answer is NEVER!!! These are just the best sunglasses to ever exist in all of history.

Pineapple necklace Gorman
Sunglasses Tsumori Chisato from Pet Shop Girls
Pom pom earrings Tokyo

Pineapple on pineapple on pineapple.

Yup, more pineapple.

Pineapple bag Gorman
Faux fur bangle Bubbles Harajuku

My tights are forever covered in dog hair. How do you combat this?

Tights City Chic
Holographic heels Windsor Smith

Front Row from Runway 3 #VAMFF. 
Gorman's new Autumn/Winter collection features their signature oversized prints and cute matching separates that team perfectly together. Dressing head to toe in this label and still looking unique and individual is actually very possible as I can attest to. This season's print is an all over vegetable print, which surprise surprise I love. Gorman in my opinion is going from strength to strength in asserting their aesthetic and place in the market.

Alpha60's aesthetic has matured in recent years whilst also discarding what I thought was one of their key markets by dropping their menswear line, which is very missed by a few of my male friends. The focus on womenswear however has seemed to improve the collections focus which they seemed to have lost in seasons past.They have also expanded into a much coveted footwear line (as evidenced by a certain facebook resale page where they pop up from time to time to much excited 'sold' and 'next in line' comments). As they were the first to walk the runway my photos aren't the best as I tried to adjust quickly to the lighting settings, sorry about that.

Bul is a label which has just seemed to pop up in seemingly no time at all out of nowhere with 5 stores across the country and a devoted fan base. Personally Bul does nothing for me with it's minimalist aesthetic and tonal colour palette but I can see its appeal. I especially loved the draped dress in rust and hope to see it being worn around Melbourne this winter.

Known for their photographic digital prints and use of sheer layers Jolet showed a collection that didn't disappoint. Their outerwear was a highlight with a colour blocked coat that I loved.

I've noticed people in Melbourne think you spell kawaii kuwaii and it's all because of this label and it's play on words name. The thing is Kuwaii's collections are actually really kawaii, their recent Spring/Summer collection especially so with it's soft pastel palette and cute cuts. The Autumn/Winter collection presented at VAMFF Runway 3 expanded upon that kawaii aesthetic with a more grown up take with incredible technique and attention to detail whilst still using the colour pink. Kuwaii's shoes are always a highlight and this season I want just about every pair!

Leonard Street
To me Leonard Street are like Gorman's kid sister - a younger, cuter take coming from a similar place aesthetically Also the cuts are smaller which does lend itself to a younger wearer - there have been a few pieces I could've seen myself wearing over the years but the smaller cut has meant I've been sized out of the brand. This season there are some oversized jackets and stretchy knits which do seem promising, I especially loved the navy blue button down dress with the peaked sleeves, will report back to you if it does indeed fit. The little navy biker jacket also caught my eye - I am loving that whole outfit to be honest.

Livia Arena
The last time I remember seeing a Livia Arena collection I just remembered a lot of white shirting (albeit interesting cuts with slashes and cut outs) so this collection was a welcome surprise. The hip hop/boxing inspired draw string silk shorts are very on trend right now but these have been tastefully crafted and I can see them being popular around Melb town which has gone 90s hip hop crazy it seems. The camel slashed coat is a must have from this collection.


  1. Loving your fruit themed outfits lately :D :D


  2. amazing outfit as always. i love the pineapples they make the outfit so fresh!‎

  3. Pineapples rock!

    I love that your tights are covered in dog hair. I figure the best thing is to convince the world that it's a thing... much easy than trying to get the dog hair off. I do have room slippers now because I used to take my shoes off and walk around in tights and I'd end with felted, tri-coloured beagle hair soles.

  4. Love everything about this post, especially your pom pom earrings! :)

    <3 Megan

  5. Hey I've lurked for a long time. I thought I'd just say that your outfit is exceedingly cheery and It brightened my day. Keep up the good work.

  6. Oh how I love Gorman, I'm somewhat thankful I won't fit their stuff, otherwise I'm sure I'd be extra broke, but they do do great sales! So glad you picked up that dress, I actually really like the boxy cut.

  7. Loving the dresses in this post and I love your fruit outfit too. :)
    But this kind of dresses are not something that could actually fit me. :D
    Good thing I know how to handle negative people. Because of this I can always wear what I want so long as I feel comfortable.


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