Saturday, January 25, 2014

DIY Kawaii Decoden Phone Case & Competition!!!

The other day on instagram I posted a photo from my crafternoon decoden session where I decorated my new mobile phone cover, covering it in faux whipped cream and kawaii 3D cakes and lollies. A DIY tutorial was requested on that photo so I bought an iphone5 cover from Daiso and gathered my supplies.

You will need

  • Measuring jug
  • Daiso Soft Clay
  • Piping bag
  • Piping nozzles
  • Daiso woodcraft bond or PVA glue
  • Mixing spoon
  • Plastic container for mixing
  • Phone case (hard plastic, leather and vinyl all work but latex covers won't)
  • Cabochons (you can search Etsy for decoden cabochons but I bought 3D stickers, buttons and erasers from Daiso)

Daiso Soft Clay comes in a variety of colours. I bought the white and salmon pink but only used the white today.

The soft clay air dries so it comes in an air tight bag. You will only need about half the packet for one phone case so remember to re-seal the left overs to use another time.

Break up the soft clay in small pieces into your mixing bowl.

This is what half a block of clay torn up into small pieces looks like.

Using your measuring jug pour approx 25mls of cold water in to the bowl.

Mix this in - the consistency will be a little watery at this stage.

Now add a squirt and a half of the craft glue into the mixture.

Mix it all together. It should now thicken slightly and start to resemble the consistency of whipped cream.

Place the mixture into your piping bag using the whipped cream nozzle.

It should squirt out like this.

Using the piping bag squirt out little faux whipped cream puffs over the desired area on your phone case.

Keep going until the whole area is covered.

Now comes the fun part - it's time to decorate your creation.

I decided to place the largest cabochon piece in the middle.

I kept going until I was happy with the design. You can add glitter, crystal stickers or anything you want really. It's totally up to you.

Ta-da the finished decoden iphone 5 cover. You need to leave it out to air dry in a safe place for up to three days. It should be hard to touch when completely dry and ready to use.

As I don't have an iphone5 I've decided to do a giveaway to WIN this kawaii one of a kind decoden'd iphone5 cover.
The prize The iphone5 phone case lovingly decoden'd by yours truly. Plus a surprise package of kawaii bits and bobs from Tokyo just because I love you.
To enter Simply comment on this post with your favourite dessert - mine is chocolate mousse always and forever. Don't forget to leave your email, twitter or blog address so I can get in touch with you if you win.
The winner will be chosen at random using
Competition is open Internationally.
Competition closes Monday 3rd February 2014 at 5pm AEST.
Winner will be announced that evening via twitter and contacted via email.

Good luck xoxo


  1. Oh my gosh! I was eyeballing the soft clay at Daiso last week but couldn't read the instructions! Now I can buy it!! :D Thanks for the tutorial

  2. I had no idea that's how you use the soft clay! Must try it now.
    Favourite dessert is sticky date pudding, any way, anyhow! Cheers!

  3. Oh I love this! :D
    My favourite dessert is this peanut butter pie that my sister made! It has a peanut butter topping and the base is made of crushed up Oreo's and butter. Best. Thing. Ever.

  4. ha ha ha ha this is the best!!! I don't have an iphone 5 but I just wanted to tell you that it's cool!!!! Good luck to the winner :)

  5. Love love love that and would look awesome on my iPhone 5, my favourite dessert is Baileys Cheesecake :)

  6. I love this tutorial! Gonna have to go to daiso this afternoon to pick up some supplies.
    My favourite dessert would have to be pistachio gelato. I'll be stuck at Messina for so long deciding between their crazy flavors. But I always go back to delicious pistachio. Mmmm

  7. Custard doughnuts!!! Or banana batter cake, yum!!

  8. Amazing! My favourite dessert is Pavlova! Covered in strawberries and kiwi fruit, yuuuuuumm!

  9. I love Daiso so much :x
    My favourite dessert is Lemon Meringue Pie…sweet and tart, yum! It also happens to be the only dessert I can make.

  10. My favorite dessert is vanilla ice cream! Or Coconut Cream pie! Btw what color nail polish is that I love it :o)

  11. I love this case idea!!! My favorite dessert is a banana split with extra whip cream with no chocolate sauce.

  12. Favourite dessert at the moment comes from my gorgeous friend's restaurant in Sydney. It's their version of a dessert 'Korean bibimbap' and has banana ice cream in the centre made to look like a fried egg! Surrounding it are waffles, whipped salted caramel sauce, cherries, dried banana chips and noodles(!). Savoury and sweet :)

  13. Oh want. I just discovered your blog and am in love. Favorite dessert tres leche cake. I'm Jean at thilmanyj at yahoo dot com.

    Thanks for this DYI. Love.


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