Tuesday, September 3, 2013

MSFW Student Runway's 1 & 2

 photo Ella-Mcilvena-01_zps40be92c2.jpg
MSFW is upon us and the first shows on my schedule were the emerging designer student shows. Always the highlight of my week for pure creativity and innovation, this year was no exception. Student Runway 1 showcased the graduating class of RMIT while Student Runway 2 presented students from other key Melbourne fashion schools showing at MSFW for the first time. Those schools were the Melbourne School of Fashion, Kangan Institute, Box Hill Institute and Whitehouse. Choosing just a few students to highlight in this blog post was hard, with so much talent on show I ended up taking over 1000 photos but have cut it back just to those who stood out to me on the night.

 photo Ella-Mcilvena-02_zpscbdd0a4a.jpg
Ella Mcilvena - RMIT
I saw a few pieces of this collection being worn by students at the Walter Van Beirendonck exhibition opening a few weeks back. A friend from Tokyo actually bought a piece after seeing it on my blog - which is awesome for the student and I think says a lot about the appeal of this trend driven collection. Sporty neoprene in boxy shapes with numbering, layering and sheer pieces, I love and want it all.

 photo Ella-Mcilvena-03_zpsea575bb0.jpg

 photo Ella-Mcilvena-04_zps65abb4c5.jpg

 photo Lucy-Rosenberg-01_zps48b07645.jpg
Lucy Rosenberg - RMIT
Lucy was one of the students I visited last week as she was finishing her collection. Her fetishization of food collection was just made for the runway with it's bright colours and the prints stand out.

 photo Lucy-Rosenberg-02_zps7299d10b.jpg

 photo Johanna-Howe-01_zps13c2cadf.jpg
Johanna Howe - RMIT
Architectual lingerie.

 photo Johanna-Howe-02_zpsbf2b59cd.jpg

 photo Tyrone-Susman-01_zps62b62187.jpg
Tyrone Susman - RMIT
More fetish inspired pieces from RMIT - I wonder what's in the water over there? Lots of studs and leather.

 photo Tyrone-Susman-02_zps9369d822.jpg

 photo Tyrone-Susman-03_zpse671f1ae.jpg
The skeleton formation on the back of this dress was amazing.

 photo Lauren-Cray-01_zps5778dcb0.jpg
Lauren Cray - RMIT
Architectural deconstructed white.

 photo Alexander-Batsis-02_zpsec82dd4d.jpg
Alexander Batsis - RMIT
Alexander's collection fused fabric together to create the shape and texture and to make the forms.

 photo Alexander-Batsis-01_zps839aae18.jpg

 photo Gabrielle-Brown-01_zpsec829c6e.jpg
Gabrielle Brown - RMIT
Layered white with interesting rope detail and shoe bag accessories.

 photo Gabrielle-Brown-02_zps5e33d5fb.jpg

 photo Gabrielle-Brown-03_zpsb70ff3a2.jpg

 photo Chin-Hau-Tay-02_zpsd887296b.jpg
Chin Hau Tay - RMIT
Another student who I visited last week, Chin's teddy bear inspired menswear collection got the biggest cheer from the crowd on the night. Such a fun tongue in cheek runway ready collection.

 photo Chin-Hau-Tay-01_zps37f7adb9.jpg

 photo Esther-Gauntlett-02_zps2995ad75.jpg
Esther Gauntlett - RMIT
Paint or latex splatters added texture and changed the way the dress moved when walking down the runway.

 photo Esther-Gauntlett-01_zps4efee75b.jpg

 photo Jack-Leeson-01_zps31e152f0.jpg
Jack Leeson - RMIT
Jack's bright collection looks just as good on the runway as I thought it would when I visited him last week. The bright blue really stood out.

 photo Jack-Leeson-02_zps1e182c16.jpg

 photo Alanna-Barca-01_zpse776f110.jpg
Alanna Barca - RMIT
The detail wasn't lost with Alanna's work on the runway.

 photo Talisa-Trantino-01_zps8e2472c3.jpg
Talisa Trantino - RMIT
The texture was clear with Talisa's work.

 photo Talisa-Trantino-03_zps38f60372.jpg

 photo Cathy-Yuen-01_zpsed05d5a1.jpg
Cathy Yuen - RMIT
Cathy's workman ship was evident in her collection.

 photo Cathy-Yuen-02_zps6c6e76a4.jpg

 photo Dara-Ing_zps0040c57d.jpg
Dara Ing - RMIT
The LED lights on Dara's pieces in action.

 photo Brendon-Smith01_zpsdd8cefba.jpg
Brandon Smith - Melbourne School of Fashion
Bold shapes.

 photo Katherine-Okeeffe_zps90af7e4c.jpg
Laura Petruccelli - Kangan Institute
Amazing use of colour and print.

 photo Neville-Antoinette-01_zps8e3e10b2.jpg
Neville Antoinette - Kangan Institute
Bridal meets sci-fi.

 photo Susie-Paull-01_zps48483547.jpg
Susie Paull - Melbourne School of Fashion
One of my favourite pieces of the night, the tulle wings had everyone front row gasping at the beauty.

 photo Eleni-Nott-01_zps3f9b0070.jpg
Eleni Nott - Whitehouse
Tongue in cheek lettering - split printed just where the lower half of the dress has a split.

 photo Alex-Jon-Hansen01_zps1e9ed28f.jpg
Alex Jon Hansen - Whitehouse
This collection was the most trend driven of the night, I could see all pieces working on the streets of Tokyo right now. I love the layers and silhouette - long and boxy with leggings. The prints against the white really pop.

 photo Alex-Jon-Hansen03_zpsaebcb9a9.jpg
Sporty slides, otherwise known as bathroom slippers, are the shoe of the moment here in Melbourne.

 photo Alex-Jon-Hansen02_zps724d8dba.jpg

Below, thanks to MSFW's youtube channel you can view all the students work from both shows!


  1. Wow. I am honestly absolutely blown away. There seems to be some major creativity coming out of Australia right now. I love these avant garde collections. I really love the LED lights with Dara Ing, the powerful silhouettes with Chin Hau Tay,and basically everything by Ella Mcilvena with the numbers and Neoprene. Yes.

  2. Lucky you! Wish I could attend too!
    Much love :)

  3. I gasped at the collection from Chin Hau Tay ! ! !
    He has shown some serious talent ! Still in shock ! I want everything from his collection for myself !

    Also the work from designer Ella Mcilvena was so on point with trends ! That collection would burn a store down to the ground in Tokyo, the frenzy would just be that extreme !

    They both need to bring their collections over here asap. The marketability of both are so prominently foreshown, yet theirs ideas are just simply perfect execution! Technical yet not crafty!

    X O X O

    A* P O P

  4. Wow! It is all good to see innovative design of clothing..Nice brands introducing itself. I just like to add one, Bella store, all favorite!

  5. I love Australian fashion, it has to be where I am getting most my inspiration right now.


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