Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Sneak Peek at RMIT Fashion Graduate's MSFW Runway Part 1

The much anticipated RMIT Graduate Show during MSFW is just days away and I was lucky enough to be given a sneak peek behind the scenes of the graduating students showing this year. Roaming the hallowed halls of level 10 with my camera and note pad I got to see the process and madness that is the week before runway for the stressed out students. I took way too many photos so I'm splitting this post into two parts, please enjoy part 1, part 2 is to come on Friday.

 photo Talisa-Trantino-01_zpsab3a4dd2.jpg
Talisa Trantino
Embossed impression work of jewels and accessories created with the vacuum form machine (from the School of Architecture) on velvet.

 photo Talisa-Trantino-04_zps87d8a052.jpg
Beautifully subtle texture - I'm really intrigued by this innovative new technique to create pattern.

 photo Talisa-Trantino-05_zpsdfe8ba12.jpg

 photo Talisa-Trantino-03_zpsbfaecf5f.jpg
Talisa also created specially cast platform shoes for her runway show.

 photo Talisa-Trantino-02_zps57ac05d6.jpg

 photo Alanna-Barca-04_zpsb85a3b0a.jpg
Alanna Barca
Hand drawn print which is then hand embroidered and beaded. Ornamental forms playing with structure and fluidity.

 photo Alanna-Barca-06_zpsbe2c5a5f.jpg

 photo Alanna-Barca-01_zps0dd390d9.jpg

 photo Alanna-Barca-02_zpsec56b02f.jpg
These are only Alanna's initial sketches but you can see her process.

 photo Alanna-Barca-05_zpscda8038a.jpg

 photo Alanna-Barca-03_zpsc2aeb659.jpg

 photo Hannah-Canham-01_zpsd4cce083.jpg
Hannah Canham
Hannah's collection is informed by Japanese design principles - wabi sabi & imperfections. Black and navy colour pallet with screen print design. Origami pleating.
 photo Hannah-Canham-03_zps85cdfb01.jpg

 photo Hannah-Canham-02_zpsfef87cec.jpg
Hannah collaborated with local brand Witu and a range of accessories that match the Japanese inspired design of her graduate collection.

 photo Lucy-Rosenberg-02_zpse658e0ea.jpg
Lucy Rosenberg
Lucy's collection is concerned with the fetishization of food and fashion - looking at why we have become this food obsessed society to the point of fetish for food (instagram, tv shows and blogs) and translating that into fashion. Haute Cuisine and mass produced food VS Haute Couture and mass produced clothes.

 photo Lucy-Rosenberg-01_zpseb6f2a38.jpg
Lucy's final design sketches also show the perspex jewellery she has created for her runway show.

 photo Lucy-Rosenberg-04_zps899fa4e0.jpg
Digital print pasta (or is it noodles?).

 photo Lucy-Rosenberg-03_zps88b7bdb1.jpg

 photo Lucy-Rosenberg-05_zpsc29f253d.jpg
Lucy's collection also includes fetish masks.

 photo Chin-Hau-Tay-03_zps66b8e198.jpg
Chin Hau Tay
Chin's collection is 'teddy bear form influenced menswear'. Chin is using humour and fun to push the boundaries of menswear.
 photo Chin-Hau-Tay-01_zpsffdb6711.jpg

 photo Chin-Hau-Tay-02_zps7108f516.jpg
Chin cutting out his pattern pieces.

I hope you enjoyed part 1, part 2 will be up on Friday xoxo
MSFW 31 Aug - 8 Sept 2013
RMIT Student Runway 1 Sunday 1st Sept 6pm


  1. I'm going to this show on Sunday, something I was already excited about. But having seen these pictures it's fair to say excitement levels have increased quite dramatically. Embossed velvet, Japanese design principles, noodle print jackets (?!?!), tartan collars and hand beading, bring on Sunday! (and your second post on Friday!)

  2. HOLY WOW.

    All of these designs are incredible.
    I was stunned by the patterns created with a vacuum in the first pic but it just kept coming!
    LOVE lucy's designs - I'm a sucker for big bright pieces. love all the volume at the hips especially.
    And a bit of witu (i was eyeing off their bags earlier today) thrown in for good measure.

    Great post. Can't wait for sneak peak number 2!

    love outside is colours


  3. ugh so much talent, i love want what chin's working on!
    oh, who am I kidding. I want it all <3


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