Monday, January 7, 2013

How Clara H Nails does her Harajuku 3D nail art!

As promised here is my video showing how Clara H Nails actually does her amazing Harajuku style hand sculpted 3D nail art. Its amazing how she creates cute cupcakes, strawberries and flowers using a paint brush and acrylic. Watch the video to see for yourself! I'm hoping to do more youtube videos this year and have finally learnt how to edit footage all together (it wasn't that hard in the end) yay for the heart swipe! Anyway enjoy the video xoxo


  1. Wow! That's amazing! She's even more talented than I thought.

  2. Wow! So amazing to watch! When I get to Melbourne I am SO visiting!

  3. Omigawd :D That' so cool :D I would never wash the dishes again if I had that ;D
    x, Lara

  4. Amazing indeed, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  5. never seen this in Montreal it's pretty cool
    How long does it take? and i would to know the title of the song that played with the video


    Ariane xxx


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