Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Green & Gold

 photo GemSkirt01_zps4cc60a76.jpg
I'm currently in Melbourne once again, its like my fourth time in as many months I think I've spent more time here than I have at home in Sydney. This trip I came down to help my family out with some things over the Australia Day long weekend, but the weekend wasn't all work and no play. I was able to stay at my sisters apartment on South Bank for Australia Day so I could go to House De Frost at The Toff, a weekly club kid drag show that my friends perform in. I decided to dress to theme in green and gold but there is no way in hell you would ever catch me with an Australian flag draped around my neck. Australia Day is essentially the celebration of genocide against Aboriginal Australians who prefer to call January 26th Invasion Day. Like I said on my instagram I am proud to be an Aussie but I'm not proud of our past. Australia Day also meant that the city was full of bogans who harassed me for being different/fat/shiny who knows really but I didn't have it half as bad as my friends who performed in the drag show. I haven't experienced that level of harassment in Melbourne before, I wish people could learn to be tolerant and to really celebrate what makes this country so amazing, namely our multicultural and diverse community. But oh well I think next year I might just stay in.

Outfit details.
Green metallic tee ASOS
Gem digital print skirt Tightrope $9.95 (similar here)
Necklace Oldie from Tokyo

 photo GemSkirt02_zps0e5caca6.jpg
It has only been a little more than a week since I dyed my hair pink and unfortunately the colour is already nearly washed out. Back to the drawing board.

Sunnies Borrowed from my sisters apartment

 photo GemSkirt03_zpsd4f44292.jpg
I immediately thought of Leslie Hall when I saw this Gem Skirt, watch below to understand why.

 photo GemSkirt04_zpse4ef322d.jpg
Vintage Moschino bag Gift
Pink faux fur tail Harry Wragg

 photo Jellyshoe_zps6698bd2d.jpg
I picked up these flat jelly bean sandals when they came back in stock in my size. Yes I know they look just like my heeled version but these are more comfortable, especially when I'm doing a lot of walking and dancing.

Outfit photos by Messy Carla
 photo Gem-makeup1_zps4c02628e.jpg
My make up for House De Frost might also explain the harassment I received that night. Although I had pretty similar look on New Years Eve and only got positive remarks. Who knows!

 photo HouseDeFrost02_zpsfd660fa7.jpg
XANTHY appears on the stage

 photo HouseDeFrost03_zpsb3bcf487.jpg
XANTHY working it

 photo HouseDeFrost01_zpscc6573e4.jpg
EMMAN playing up to the crowd

 photo HouseDeFrost06_zps5f5c7449.jpg
TYRA & XANTHY's awesome club kid outfits - I was in LOVE

Shop the look!!!


  1. It's horrible to hear how rude people were to you but just makes me admire you so much more for dressing so fabulous and not altering your beautiful self!

  2. have the same shoes but in the clear version. looking forward to wear them again next summer. (:

    btw you look amazing!

    xx leandra melanie


  3. I love your outfit! I'm sure the only reason people harass others is because of jealousy. You are rockin that outfit and confident about who you are. Don't listen to those jealous haters who would bring other people down so they could feel better about themselves. keep up your beautiful styling!

  4. You look fantasticaly!^^ remember that's better to be diffrent than to look like million other people


  5. Haters gonna hate and are just jealous of your confidence! :)
    Loving the bracelet!


  6. Wow! That's so sad to hear that rude people ruined your experience! I love that shirt!


  7. that skirt is so amazing!
    no keep your head hanging, there will always be those kind of people!

  8. What a bunch of pricks! I think you're so inspiring and you've got such beautiful stuff. And you're a very entertaining blogger. Any time I visit you I know I'm going to see something surprising, different, unique, not the thousand combination of skinnies plus blazer (nothing against that, but seen one, seen all).and that skirt is to die for! thanks for giving us options, but I prefer yours! XD



  9. You know, you being a little bit fat, a little bit shiny and a little bit different are just three of the things I love about you, your fashion and your blog.

    LOVE the makeup too. x.

  10. You look so awesooome!


  11. i LOVE it all, but the skirt is a true jewellery piece, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    Much love dear hayley.

  12. I feel the same way about Australia Day and not actually being an Aussie but living here makes all this grotesque behavior stand out a lot more. It feels like every Bogan is just waiting for it to come so they can voice their uneducated, unsolicited and ignorant opinions. It makes me sad to see how arrogant these people get towards everyone but "their own people" and how they feed off a false sense of achievement by being...well...'being Australian'. As if that would make a difference.

    I do feel a bit shocked that this happened to you in Melbourne though...
    But in any case, you look absolutely fabulous and I really want to know how you colour your eyebrows? Haha.

    Can't wait for your next post.

  13. That top is crazy cool! Love it!


  14. That is awful - feels like the straya day just brings out the bogans in all of us! It's embarrassing to think that this is still happening in such an educated community! You look great and you feel great and that's all that matters. Your eye makeup is to die for. Teach me!


  15. Tu maquillaje, tu falda, tus zapatos, toda tu eres encantadora. Gracias por compartir. Quiero invitarte esta vez a ver mi ultimo shooting, con Juliana Gonzalez, muévete a verlo. Besos y besos.

  16. Green vibes between us, indeed my dear :-D I love, love, love your green shirt. It's shiny, bright and metallic, what else can a girl dream of? Tempted to order it too, but I decided it's time for a little shopping ban for myself again, see how long I can resist.... Please don't you ever listen to this silly people. It happens to me a lot, because I think where I life there are even less people who dare to wear anything which is not gray and classical. I just can't understand. It's so much more fun to just wear what makes you happy and let other wear the same. If you are born with a colourful soul, gray if like poison for it. You are amazing Hayley and to me this intolerant people are pricks. It's their right maybe to not like your style, ok, but there is no need to harass you. I always get angry when I hear stories like this. When somebody harasses me on the other hand, it just encourages me to stay bold, to don't change and go my way even with the head a little bit higher. I see myself as a rainbow coloured weed and if you have a garden you know: Weed is not to change and not to kill. :-D I think you are a stubborn girl too when it comes to style and I love that, I feel a close connection to you. Keep being wonderful and stay in your colourful wonderland, this sad other people will never have something else expect their poor gray vision of a world. Lots of love, Sara xx

  17. Surround yourself with colourful open minded, creative people and scoff at the naive

    Sleekit x

  18. all i see is character, integrity, and incredible style! you are a vision my dear! keep it up and never change. :) xo

  19. Oh you have awesome personal style, them bogans in the city annoy me as well, don't pay any attention to them! Don't ever change!



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