Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Shibuya Crossing

For a rainy day of shopping in Shibuya I decided to wear one of my all time favourite dresses that despite the miserable grey weather can't help but make you feel bright and happy. The rain didn't make Tokyo any colder though, so no jacket required, just a cheap but oh so chic umbrella picked up at the local 'convini' (convenience store) for $3. Ahhhh Tokyo I miss you and all your convenience's already. Still to come on my blog, what I actually bought in Tokyo and where I shopped plus some photos of the most beautiful temples and countryside just one hour from the capital, can't wait to share it all with you xxx

Outfit details
Dress Bombshell Vintage $50
Belt Vintage from Camberwell Market
Leggings Gisela Ramirez
Necklace Make Believe
Smile badge World NZ


Gold packpack Episode Sydney Road
Faux fur key chain Deadly Ponies See by Chloe have a similar piece for $55 on Net-a-porter!


Lace frill socks Paddy's Market for $5
Floral Dr Martens (similar)


  1. I adore that dress, Hayley. It is not what you wear, but the way you wear it.
    You are cute as a button, and so inspiring to me.
    Big hug.

  2. You are in my PINTEREST now in BLOGGERS i LOVE.

  3. Such a cute polka dot dress! :)

  4. love your style!some day i want to go to tokyo..your recent posts are making me long for it even more!i so want a job that entails loads of travel to such cool places!

  5. Cute dress. Did you get called Minnie-chan? I've got a red polka dot dress and been called that a few times which pisses me off because I HATE disney!

    The gold looks really cute with it :)

  6. i love your floral dr martens. so jealous i wanna be in Japan right now!!! the clear umbrella is totally Lost In Translation!!! sugoi desu ne!!!

  7. P.S. I'm totally gonna link your blog on mine! <3


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