Thursday, December 29, 2011

Merry Gifmas

I trust everyone had a fantastic xmas. I had my family in town for a beach side chrissy in sunny ol' Sydney, it was a funtastic day of swimming and eating and surprisingly no one got sunburnt. But what's Christmas without some fabulous gifts hey? I did pretty well this year, my sister gave me the Antipodium for Sportsgirl dress I have wanted since the collab launched and I gave myself some much lusted after platform sneakers that I finally found in my size on asos. The best gift of all however was two tickets to Tokyo in May for Henry and myself that was another gift to myself from, well, myself. Hey sometimes you just gotta treat yourself yeah? Can not wait to hit the Tokyo streets again after not going back at all this year, I've missed my friends, the fashion and heck even the crowds.

Outfit Details
Dress Antipodium x Sportsgirl xmas gift from my sister
Leggings Gisela Ramirez $40 in her 50% off sale
Platform Sneakers $60 ASOS
Frill socks American Apparel $14
Necklace From my last trip to Tokyo
Bangles Elke Kramer black resin studded bangle & Estelle Dévé Asperatis Bangle in gold $30 from her recent sample sale
Rings MOMA NYC and Corky Saint Clair

These platform sneakers are going to see a lot of action in Tokyo, the perfect mix of comfortable and fashion. They're not as high as I would like but having size 10 feet means sometimes you just can't be that picky.


  1. Golly gosh I love those sneakers <3

  2. Luuurrrve this outfit. Don't those socks from AA rock? I want the hot pink pair SAH badly. Oh and that necklace is siiiiiiiick. AAJHEJAHKHAEKJ TOKYO! again?! LUCKY. I've never even been T_T My sister and I have wanted to go since we were kids. The fashion seems like it would be.. so ridiculously amazing.

  3. very cute outfit, especially the dress! fabulous gift you gave yourself! good on you. wish I had the courage to travel alone! first place I'd go to would have to be Sydney. I really want to check out the fabulous boutiques.
    Suzi x
    Please come & visit me at my blog. x

  4. Hey I'm new to the blog world. Show love & support by following & leaving comments on my blog! xoxo

  5. Love the GIF image. I really want to start making animations and videos soon! So much to learn!



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