Monday, November 28, 2011


I seem to always open my blog posts lately with the line "if you follow me on twitter then you would know....." I guess I don't want to seem like I'm repeating myself all the time, but if you do follow me on twitter then you would know I'm currently in Melbourne for my ten year high school reunion (well that and other things). I've been debating what to wear pretty much since I got the invite a few months ago. As with most people high school for me was not always pleasant, what with bullying mixed with being an awkward fashion obsessed teenager which seemed to only attract more bullying. Oh and being fat in high school is pretty much hell. So yeah there was a little bit of me that wanted to go back and show those bullies up, so my outfit had to totally rock. It worked, one ex-bully said I looked glamorous and my life sounded like Gossip Girl, total life has meaning moment right there.

Outfit Details
Red blazer Vintage from Savers in Brunswick  for $7.99
Blouse $5 from another stall holder at my recent garage sale
Floral maxi skirt Ginger Tree $29
Loafers Sportsgirl $35
Socks My Italian Closet
Necklace Man The Label gift
Tote bag DI$COUNT
Bangle Elke Kramer
Rings MOMA design store in NYC and Corky Saint Clair
Lipstick Sportsgirl Pout About It in fuchsia $9.95

Representing Melbourne style with my DI$COUNT tote. My nail colour is Ulta3 Fruit Tingle which I got in a fashion week gift bag and its the best nail polish ever, 5 days in no chips.

My fab new polka dot socks from My Italian Closet which I have in four different colours, they are just so cute.


  1. Great outfit Hayley - I love how that blazer and necklace work together and am quite tempted now to hunt down your lippy and nailpolish - you look fab!

    PS: have you seen elke kramer's new collection? I'm completely obsessed with the styling of her latest campaign and generally just dazzled by her talent!

  2. Ah, I hope you showed those bullies how successful you are now! I hated high school so much and for the entire duration of year seven I had absolutely no friends and groups of bitchy girls would walk past me and stare as I ate my lunch. Man oh man I hope I'm really successful in the future so if I ever go to one of those reunions I can show them who is having the last laugh <__<

    Anyway... nice outfit and, I love your socks. A lot.

  3. Those socksssssss are adorable!

    I'm glad you had a really positive experience at your reunion! I had a really horrible time in high school also so it makes me really happy you went back and showed them up!

  4. oh such a lovely shoes, i want it

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  5. I love your outfit hayley, You look great! Swooning over that red blazer and hot pink nailpolish! xx

  6. Well who wouldn't be impressed with that outfit, always nice when someone eats humble pie...rockin

    Sleekit x

  7. You look awesome Hayley. highschool wasn't pretty for many of us, good on you for showing up to your reunion and wowing thier socks off
    x D

  8. boo yeah! way to go lady! nothing better than to be gracefully and modestly successful! love the get up - the socks are awesome! xxx bel

  9. yay to success! 'your life sounds like gossip girl', thats just the best compliment ever, haa!

    seriously though, i LOVE you in this red blazer and the flower skirt. and the discount bag punks it up just the right amount! x


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