Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Styling work: Mori Gyaru - Forest Girl



I've had this idea for a shoot for a long time, a shoot inspired by a cult trend from the streets of Tokyo, and finally got to realise my vision this week and I'm pretty happy with the result. What with being out of action for the last few months due to my knee as styling is pretty physical work - there is the sourcing, the lugging of many bags and boxes back to the location, prepping the racks which often involves building them first, dressing models which involves a whole lotta kneeling (which I'm still unable to do) and then returning all the clothing the next day. Who ever said fashion was glamourous? I'm just so happy to get back into the game. Have a few new clients to add to the mix, as well as my work for On The Streets of Sydney, of which the above shoot was for. Check out the look in its entirety and read the blurb about my inspiration, part forest girl part swamp girl, there is one in all of us xoxo

Stylist Hayley Hughes Photographer Rachel Kara Hair & Make-up Sarah Scott Model Lauren Moody from Chadwicks

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  1. Is that a Gorman coat in the first pic? I love the mustard, fab stylin

    Sleekit x


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