Thursday, February 3, 2011

Inside my bag


Sadly I dropped my digital slr camera while out shooting street style for Elle USA, and it now only works in flash mode, and even then the images come out slightly not in focus, like above. So yes, this post is going to be my last with original content for a while, and I'm devastated. Hopefully the camera doctors can fix it, and fix it cheaply so please keep your fingers crossed for me!

So what is in my bag? I think you can see, even in the blurry photo, most items are either silver or black. I didn't set out to only buy black and silver pieces, I guess I just gravitate towards them like a Bowerbird to sparkly shiny stuff.

From left to right:
Bag Love & Luck lawless large satchel $320 I love this bag, it fits everything in it, including my big chunky camera bag when its not broken.
Russh Mag Loving the new issue, perfect to read on the bus on my way to meetings in the city
Letter I received a letter from the Christian Louboutin office in the UK, addressed to me as Hayley Hughes, freelance blogger and stylist, which was exciting in itself. Inside it congratulated me on my great styling work and extended an invitation to me to use their products in any upcoming shoots I may have. Such a huge deal, to say I'm excited is an understatement, I've been keeping it in my bag to look at when I need a little boost.
Mobile My old phone broke a few months ago, so I've been borrowing Henry's till I can get a replacement. As he doesn't really need email access on the go like I do he has gone back to using a super old Nokia from years ago.
Diary and Notebook My 2011 Diary is from Typo and my Notebook was a gift at Christmas, but is from Kikki.K. Pretty essential items in my bag. Not in the habit of using my phone to note things down, I need to write them down to be able to register the info.
Lipgloss An old ChiChi pot that never seems to run out.
Comb To keep my hair in check in Sydney's humid Summer.
Purse A vintage number I've had for years. Slowly falling apart, I dread the day I need to replace it.
Business Card Holder I got this nifty thing for free when I ordered my cards at Vista Print, so handy!
Keys My I heart NY keyring is from my 1st trip there with Henry in 2005. My Madonna keyring is from her concert in Tokyo in 2006. My Henry the train keyring is from Japan. I have so many keys right now.


  1. I dread looking in my bag at the moment. It needs a good clean out.

  2. Oh no, complete camera nightmare! I will cross my fingers for you. Cool bag, and I agree - the new issue is awesome. X

  3. Cute glo-mesh purse, I have a little coin-purse that looks very similar.

  4. SO amazing that you have access to Christian Louboutin shoes... for free! Will your street style photos be in Elle Magazine or on their website... thats so cool they found you from the other side of the world!


  5. I'd so, so absolutely do the same if I got a letter like that!! Congrats Hayley. It's very exciting news, indeed!

  6. I love seeing the contents of ppl's bags - total voyeurism.

  7. I can't get over how amazing that bag is!

  8. I LOVE your bag!

    I couldn't ever show the contents of mine. It is crammed full of receipts and random paper! Grrr, I must find time to organize it!

  9. I think it's Henry the hoover:
    Could be wrong...

  10. That bag is amazing! I'm going to get one for myself!

  11. CONGRATS on Christian Louboutin!! OMG AMAZING!

    Cry Party about camera though..... :(


  12. Loveee your Bag!! Your brave for showing the contents of your bag, mine is such a mess. i also love your key rings from the different places you have travelled :) best of luck with the camera woes xx


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