Thursday, January 27, 2011


I wore this outfit recently on a styling gig for Vice magazine. The dress arrived in the mail that day from eShakti care of the HopShopGo service and even though the fabric was not really suitable for the extreme hot weather I loved how it looked on and had been waiting for what seemed like forever for it to arrive. That's the thing with HopShopGo, you have to wait for two deliveries to take place. First for it to arrive at the USA address and then secondly for it to arrive at yours. It also doesn't come cheap, I spent nearly the same price of the dress on the service, but I think it was worth it because the dress was exactly what I've been looking for. I'm pretty much obsessed with khaki and brown mixed with black and gold. I'm also loving shirt dresses and collars with necklaces underneath. Every time I wear this dress I get so many compliments, more than any other item I own, so I'm pleased as punch with it.

Dress: eShakti $90 including postage service
Belt: Vintage $10
Wedges: Target on sale $25
Necklace: Estelle Deve
Sunburn on hands: Care of an epic shoot in sand dunes which is soon to be published at (I had sunscreen on, never thought to put it on my hands though)

Here are some things that amuse me:

1. Why is it that bloggers boyfriends who take outfit photos seem to get better at blog outfit photography while mine just gets worse? This was the second shoot for this outfit, and it basically sucks and shouldn't be blogged. We tried shooting outside (super blurry photos) and then a few days later inside with flash which made the dress seem super shiny (which its not) but at least the shot isn't blurry so it was posted. I'm not complaining, I appreciate that he helps, but he does whinge and carry on a lot when he does, especially if I "over direct" him. Fun times at blogging HQ I can tell you.

2. Getting asked to style a shoot for Vice just after they posted this condescending article about me and the other YoungFat&Fabulous girls. The original article was from the Netherlands and when that was translated it came across more bitchy than the current English translation I can find. Look I don't mind, I got a whole bunch of traffic from the Vice post, its just funny for both things to happen in the same month. Work for Vice, get teased by Vice. Loves it!

Reader poll: Should I shave the side of my head? I have wanted to do it for years, almost did it one day but was stopped by Henry. So should I just take the plunge now as I do know the asymmetrical hair suits my face. Thoughts?


  1. I think the half shaved head thing is pretty over-done at this point. I think your hair would look cute if you cut the longer side a bit and got some layers/more shape going on with it.

  2. Love that dress on you. The color really complements your skin tone. Found the bit about your boyfriend pretty funny. Sometimes I ask my mother to take a picture, and she likes to do it without grabbing her glasses. This equals all of my pictures to be blurry because she can never see what she's doing!

    Enough rambling, you look great.

  3. Love the outfit and that you own your look x Why do overseas online retailers treat Australian's like we're on the moon when it comes to shipping?

    Nah, don't shave it. You could get it scissor trimmed in a similar style but not as drastic, just so it's easier to style iykwim.

    Poor Henry, My Steve's the same. I basically set up the camera, mark the ground where he should stand and i just get him to hold the button down while I pose and dance about. Shoot takes 1 minute max because we usually have Aidan in tow and then I take the camera and do self portraits :P

  4. the original Vice article was MORE bitchy? fuck.

    it's a bizarre article anyway. starting off incredibly offensive then kind of complementary by the end.

    i'm so bored of vice now. a few years ago white hipster boys were DO's and now they are a constant point of ridicule. now you can basically give up on ever being a do unless you are a 17 year old eurasian.

    as for the shaved head. i do like a half shaved head but perhaps it is overdone. i think you'd look great either way.

    i'm off to read some of the blogs in the article

  5. 1. That dress is wonderful on you and worth every cent.
    2. I get worse at taking pictures as well, but I take my own. How am I getting WORSE?
    3. GO FOR IT. I can live vicariously through you. Only the coolest of the cool kids can get away with that kind of dramatic hairstyle and you MORE than qualify.

  6. I've been debating that very same hair styling question for myself. And I've decided to go for it. Who cares if loads of people have the hairstyle, I like it and I want it, so I'm going to get it! That's what I say.

    Also, LOVE the outfit. You inspire me!

  7. When I got my undercut/side head shave dealie done I LOVED it but it was a bitch to grow out. 2 years later I'm still dealing with having to grow it out. And I agree with FatAus -- it's getting waaaay over done here in Los Angeles too. When you pass more than 2 people on the street with the same haircut it kind of kills you a little bit inside.

    But that dress! Those shoes! Big baubly necklace! So great.

    I also love the somewhat backhanded compliments(? Maybe more like reluctant recognition?) from VICE. I'm not sure why they bothered with the article in the first place.

  8. wow what a great dress.

    the whole thing with the Vice online article is so weird, it's like they're being nice but mean?! I don't get it

  9. Hayley, that Vice article is ice cold. What dicks. But kind of hilarious that they then turn around and hire you!

    I say charge ahead with the head shaving! It's a new year, why not?? ;)

  10. Rad dress. Thinking about purchasing it myself!
    Now, about the hair thing. I did it a few years back, and whilst it was fun for a few months, it was PURE HELL to grow out. I think you should just pin it back when you want the look, and then you're not stuck with the awkward growing-out phase in the future when you move on.

  11. Hi Hayley. I've only recently started to read your blog, and have to say, I love it! You give women like me hope... that we too, can look fabulous!

    I love how you wear leggins with so many outfits, leggins are my uniform... and lucky for me, I have great legs. ;o)

    I did the shaved head thing back in the early 80s, and loved it... don't know if hubby would like it so much now if I were to do it.

    And I can sympathise with the whole husband/boyfriend being the blog photographer- I'm sure he takes awful photos of me on purpose. :o/

  12. That dress is extremely flattering on you. I really like this cut on you matched with the belt to sinch in the waist. Looks great.

    I don't think that you need to shave one side of your hair/head to achieve a pretty cool asymmetric hairstyle (maybe just a short scissor cut on one side and dying in black whilst keeping the long hair blonde would rock as a new style). I agree the asymmetric style really does suit you. If you do decide to cut/shave it, I'd only be worried about the effort and time that is required to grow it back. You could be sporting this hairstyle for years. But if you are determinded to do it then go for it.

    Miss Bias = )

  13. I love the dress and also your belt is fantastic. Your hair is lovely :)

  14. Oh man that Vice article is bloody harsh. It makes me feel a bit bummed out.

  15. dont shave just cut short... i think it'll look nice.. though my cousin shaved it 2 years ago and she was telling me how hard it was to grow her hair back... think about that as well...
    the dress look absolutely amazing on u by the way!

  16. Some crap hairdresser once shaved my hair at the back and it looked totally shit trying to grow it back, go for a short cut instead, think mods and scooters

    Nice outfit BTW

    Sleekit x

  17. Hey Hayley,
    I agree, I LOVE that dress and the color is incredible. A very elegant khaki.
    No, leave your hair, the asymmetrical look is kind of overdone. You look good with shoulder length and shorter hair-dos anyway.

  18. you know whats even more overdone than half shaved? not shaved at all! i think it looks awesome and think you should totallllly do it!

  19. i can see why you get complimented on that dress, both the colour and style really suit you! and i really like the asymetric hair but im not sure a shaved patch will be practical, i took the risk a few years ago and it does get annoying when trying to grow it out! x

    and i totally sympathise with the crap photographer-boyfriend, sigh...

  20. Love that dress! The colour is so beautiful :)

    Oh and you're not the only on whose Mr doesn't like (& can't seem to do, haha) taking blog pictures – mine loathes it, & only sometimes will do it!

    And shaving your head... I had an undercut (believe it or not) back in 2006-7 and I actually loved it, got addicted to shaving little stripes in it... I say do it! If you don't like it after all, hair always grows back. Life is short and all that :)

  21. I have a similar hankering but every time my hand itches towards the shaver my sensible side kicks in with two words: awkward. regrowth. For now, I do the massive part and slick the other side to my head with hairspray and bobby pins. The effect is more or less the same, if a little less grunge and a little more sensible sally. Love how you've styled your dress for this post though- you look fantastic x

  22. hayley I love this dress on you, it accentuates all your great features and flatters you. The colour compliments your skin and hair and you look absolutely stunning! I really love the shoes and the wedges from rubi, that I had to get a pair also(haha hope you don't mind). As for your hair i love it as it is noe and I'm sure it would look good half shaved too, at least it will grow back soon if you didn't like it haha.
    Loved the bit about Henry's shoot too, and hope you camera is on the mend xx

  23. I love this dress on you, my fav of all your outfits.xx


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