Thursday, June 10, 2010

WANTED: Melbourne CBD Studio Space


So my house doesn't end up like this every couple of days I have decided I need a permanent studio space. I also need a space where I can go to work every day so I don't get distracted living the freelancers life (i.e midday naps, Oprah, Gossip Girl etc) I need some structure to my day and by getting up early and going "to work" I think I can achieve this.
I've got 3 other creatives on board who want in on any space that I find and we need a space about the size of Comeback Kid for it to work.
So that's where you guys come in. Do you know some old relative who is holding onto some forgotten upstairs old warehouse, or a friend who is leaving their space? Our combined budget is up to $400 per week but if its not much more we could possible stretch it. Melbourne CBD is ideal but anything reasonably inner city may work, but basically we need it pretty central.

I know this is a long shot asking on here, but we have been searching and searching for a space and its going no where and in the past my blog has helped me with things, so maybe it will this time?

Thanks guys,



  1. I'm afraid I can't help, but i do love your colour-coded rainbow bookshelf!

  2. Hi Hayley,
    You have probably already tried this site, but just in case
    - Amber

  3. Im in Sydney so Im probably no help, but I like your bookshelf!


    Here maybe? The place I intern for is looking for someone for downstairs.

  5. Try - Melbourne Real estate, other real estate. Some interesting things pop up. Good luck

  6. Hey Hayley,

    My friends run a shared design studio space in Colingwood (city end). Would you be interested in a shared space?

    Fi (NYC)

  7. friends have this on facey;

  8. Hey Hayley. I know this isn't the city but it's only 2 stations away. it's a fantastic building with cheap rent. it has both big and small spaces for lease


  9. Just as an idea, would you consider renting a residential apartment? You'd be able to do so for that cost and get the added bonus of bathroom and kitchen.

  10. I know somewhere in Abbotsford, just off Hoddle that has a loft space.
    Contact me through my blog if you want to find out more!

  11. Good luck with finding a studio space and great comment on Sister Wolf's blog xx

  12. well, let's face it, gossip girl is worth the distraction.

    visit my blog to hear about my encounter with THE COBRASNAKE.


check out aussie style blog LIKE A FOX at

  13. fabolous!
    i want to turn my house into a studio, too... i think i'll do it when i save enough for the DSLR i want.

    i've never come across your blog before, i loved it!


  14. Love the blog..thanks for sharing.

  15. Hi Hayley,

    I work in an office in Carlton, across the road from the Queen Vic Market (so it could be called the CBD...almost!) and we have a space out the back that we are looking to rent out. There is a separate back door , and isn't used at all between 8-5.There is a lockable room, plus a space in front of that.
    Would happily take pics for you, or organise a visit if you liked.
    My email is
    Looking forward to hearing back from you.


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