Monday, May 3, 2010

Watch me on Art Nation right here

While my husband forgot to watch me last night, I got loads of emails and twitter messages from my lovely readers who watched, oh and my mother in law emailed me to say she watched too. Its ok as I didn't remind Henry, and he is the type of guy who needs constant reminding about things otherwise nothing sticks, I actually laughed when I found out he forgot. He did immediately go and watch it online though, so its not like he didn't care. Anyway watch the segment and let me know what you think. I love how they used the Flight of the Choncords "Fashion is Danger" song at the end of the piece, hillarious. I have some cool blog posts coming with more things from my Tokyo trip hopefully tomorrow.


  1. Horah!
    I'm also stoked they used the Peppermint cover with Lady Melbourne because that's my lettering on the cover :D

  2. I was working that night and kept going into one of my patient's rooms that was watching it. Whenever you were on I was like "I READ THAT GIRLS BLOG"... she must have thought I was crazy. Awesome report though, well done Hayley! ♥

  3. Wow! That's amazing Hayley! Much congratulations. You deserve it!

  4. I loved this interview not only because you looked lovely, but because everything spoken was so, so true :)

  5. Loved this piece on bloggers and how it's changed the way information is being broadcasted to the rest of the public - great job too Hayley :)

  6. SO glad you are having fun with your family! Glad to see you're feeling better, I felt so sorry for you during those tweets! Ha.

    Interesting that you call it "the slums", My Dad thought it looked like that too. (Even though I told him its not dangerous like you'd think)

    Also..Glad to see you and Tabuchi reunited! Went to Koenji last trip and the Dog 2 store was opened, must have been bc it was new years. Didn't go into Nincompoop capacity next door, and I really regretted it later.

    Also..I really want to see the Lassie Paper! They had a blog but never really updated..Congrats on the video too, so cool.

  7. Oh yes, the fabulous Japanese medical system.. I know it well.. I was made to go on a drip while I was there and yet was still sick as a dog for a week afterwards. They're also big fans of enemas...!!

  8. Great interview!! I've watched it about five times already!

    I'm glad you got well again! And, now I really really miss Tokyo, too.
    Too bad it costs so much for me to go there! I'll have to wait! How much is the trip from Australia? Not that much, I reckon?

    Ok now I REALLY want to go to Tokyo.

    You and Tabuchi look so adorable together, too. I didn't know you went back to Tokyo before I read it on her blog, actually!

    Also, I too can't wait for the Lassie Paper scans. Really frustrating how a ton of people on DROP was posing with it a while ago, but I never could find any scans!

    You look great, as always of course!

    Oh, and
    have fun!!

  9. Ohoh, I saw you in Kouenji today, I know it's not a big deal but I thought it was really cool. You looked great!


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