Monday, December 21, 2009

Lunar Mare

I have loved Estelle Deve's jewellery for a while, using pieces from her first collection in shoots and I have been lusting after her new collection ever since she sent me the first proofs of her lookbook months ago. Well Estelle had a market stall at the Craft Hatch market at the State Library over the weekend and I headed down to hang out and to see the pieces in person.

Estelle wearing the Smythii necklace. By the way Estelle if your reading, this photo was the best one but if you don't like it I will take it down.

Some pieces from her first collection were on sale too.

Me wearing the piece I want (Henry are you reading???) the Somni necklace. I must say at the craft hatch market her jewellery was definitely the most innovative and interesting. I'm starting to really feel that buying or showcasing locally hand crafted but not neccesarily "crafty" work is going to be my thing from now on. i just am not interested in the latest from Europe when we have so much talent here. Estelle is someone to watch, she is going places for sure. Estelle excitedly told me that Incu in Sydney have picked up the collection which is amazing news.

Estelle Deve Jewellery


  1. Gorgeous colours , love them could wear them with anything, i love pieces like that. Ash x

  2. i love her stuff! I recently interviewed her and used her jewellery in a shoot too. she's cool as.
    Yay let us make a fan club! XD

    btw the floating pyramid mirror is wicked. i want one hanging from my ceiling.

  3. I really love her pieces (and her blog). That is so great about Incu! Hope you get the necklace for Christmas!

  4. You're right she's as an enormous amount of talent! Her necklaces are to die for!

    Great work!

  5. thanks for the compliments guys :) and hayley x
    i do look like i'm about to kill someone on that photo but oh well... what can you do? :)

  6. This jewelery is stunning, I'm on her site now. Thank you so much for sharing. xox

  7. Great designs - love the cuff!

  8. wow, gorgeous- I love the cuff.

  9. wow am totally devastated i missed this, actualy more sad i didnt know about it ! ahh if only i was uptodate with everyones blogs :( but i luuuurrrvvee that black metal chain like one.. so perfect!! x


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