Friday, November 13, 2009

WHO Sexiest People 2009 are Miranda Kerr, Megan Gale and Ruby Rose

The cover image. I really liked Miranda and Ruby's swimming costumes with the cut outs. I can't remember who they were by though. Not that I would/could wear them anyway, ha, I'll leave that to supermodels (read Miranda) who tell people (read Ruby) to stop eating muffins. Ha.

My shot of it from the sidelines. Remember I posted about assisting on the shoot?

The three stars. Miranda Kerr, Megan Gale and Ruby Rose in a scan from the mag. This was the original cover shot on the day of the shoot, they obviously changed it to the swimwear shot instead for some reason? Perhaps its sexier?

My shot. It was a bloody cold day and this photo really shows it as they all are grimacing pretty badly.

Megan's individual shot which is on the contents page of the magazine. She really worked it for the camera.

All up it was an exciting (albeit a little odd) day and its great to see the finished results.


  1. wow this is so cool! who is this ruby rose gal? she looks interesting

  2. I think RR is the most beautiful out of the three. Sounds like a cool experience, the cover looks fab. I want to hear more about Kerr and the muffins...

  3. wow, Miranda told Ruby to stop eating muffins? haha how rude!

  4. I'm lost for words(and that doesn't happen alot). The cover is just stunning! Love all the sideline photos!


  5. ohh they all look great! My sister and I saw you today in Degraves Street! We were so close to introducing ourselves and saying hi but couldn't risk loosing our perfect little table! :) loved your necklace!

  6. I was just gushing over the new WHO today! It is a very beautiful cover, lucky you for assisting!


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  7. no way what an AWESOME experience...that would have been incredible. congrats!


  8. Congratulations on scoring this job! Wish I could do something like that.
    P.S In my opinion the original cover was better then the one they chose, but what do i know...


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