Monday, November 2, 2009


I went as Beth Ditto. Yes my hair is PURPLE! I bought temporary 6 wash black hair dye and it made my hair bloody PURPLE. I was happy to have black hair for a week, but purple hair? No thanks. I'm washing my hair with anti dandruff shampoo 3 times a day to get it out!
I made the silver top in about 6 minutes when my first idea of an outfit failed at the last minute. Luckily had bought silver sequin fabric on sale at Lincraft.

The party was at Pat's house. How awesome is his handmade costume?

Simon came as Grace Jones being attacked by ravens.

Greta in black.

Vlad and Cami looked amazing.

Mia and me. No idea how my tongue ended up so red?

Costume of the night!

Lovely Lauren in her ghost skirt

Where's Wally?

Tully always looks hot.

Jack as Azaria Chamberlain getting eaten by the dingo....Controversial!

Clea used acrylic paint on her face because the face paint she bought didn't work. Now that's dedication!

Nathan as a square jack-o-lantern.


  1. Wow Hayley you look great!

    I also love all the other costumes, looks like an awesome party. I dig the droogs from A Clockwork Orange, I was thinking about that for this year but half my friends have never heard of the book/ movie. hmm.. time for new friends to indulge my costume ambitions? perhaps lol

  2. Awwwwwwww looks like so much fun! Bummed I couldn't make it. You look even better than the real Beth Ditto! Love Simon's outfit such effort!! x

  3. hahaha it was so fun!!!!
    also i think purple hair suits you

  4. You rocked that look!! Looks like you had a blast!


  5. hair looks radd

    hah i was at that party too!

  6. woow your hair looks amazing!! The darker shade in general definetly suits you! Now you know you're one of those very lucky girls who can rock both ends of the colour spectrum! :)

  7. Looks like an epic Halloween party...and you are a great Beth Ditto

  8. hey i had a great time and so many great costumes! was pretty impressed by henry's beth ditto tattoo he made you.
    i loved being a ghost but will be forgoing the white face in the future - somehow managed to get it everywhere around the house when i was getting ready !;)

  9. oh my god what an amzing amout of creativity happening with these costumes. i am so impressed - boombox eat your heart out! you looked fabulous, the hair colour suits u (but don't go changing the platinum is too fierce to f with) xx

  10. i like the hair! darker suits you.
    everyone had fab costumes!
    i love it when people put in effort.
    nothing worse than a halloween party where ppl dont even bother with their costumes.
    so bummed i couldn't go to one this year.

  11. wow everyone's costumes look awesome! i love it when people really get into party themes
    nice job on your get-up btw - beth ditto ain't got nothin' on you! :D

  12. Oh my! What amazing costumes! Definitely a step up from the haggard (and I just mean because they are so drunk) witches and cheap vampires that one usually finds down here on Halloween in Tasmania! x

  13. i know one of the droogs, mad rad! haha small world!
    i think you look good with dark hair!!

  14. i kinda likes your hair like this! alot..!

  15. Those are some pretty impressive costumes. Azaria Chamberlain getting eaten by a dingo? Now that's something.

  16. you seriously look HOT with that purple hair!!!!

  17. Beth Ditto- what a gorgeous idea, darling! no problem with your hair, too. :)
    have a lovely day, xoxo

  18. Wow Hayley! I saw your pic on Nadias site and had to come *running* over! You look smoking hot, super sexy - seriously, I love this look on you and I think you suit the purple hair. Gorgeous!

    Great photos as always. I'm so jealous - I missed halloween and it looks like you guys had a blast. You all remind me of pals back in NZ, who loved to play *serious* dress ups!

    Have a fabby weekend! Ohh, I forgot, I was gonna send you a comment but I went overseas, a recent outfit post of mine, once I put it up, reminded me of you! I must have been channeling you or something, ha! Think leggings and pom-poms ;)

    <3 xxx

  19. Hey, nothing wrong with purple hair - but yours was really charcoal grey, anyway! Love a lot of these costumes, but i REALLY love those cute boys in white with the bowler hats :)

  20. Wow some crazy cool costumes there!!


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