Monday, October 26, 2009

GPO $500 shopping spree

Alicia from Sea of Ghosts, Nadia from Animal Orchestra, Claire from Harbourmaster, Me, Estelle from One Perfect Morning & Lady Melbourne.

Sorry for the long absence, our internet was shaped due to my sister and I's love of watching Gossip Girl but not together, separately at the same time on different computers.

Anyway just a quick update about the $500 Melbourne's GPO shopping spree. The day was a huge success. My winner, Estelle from One perfect morning, chose the most beautiful pair of silk jodhpur style pants and a black silk dress with a giant blue zip both from Manning Cartell which when worn with pieces from her very own jewellery range just scream style ahoy. You can see a necklace from her new collection in the very first photo, amazing yeah?


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