Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sportsgirl Superstylist the crazyness of the final

We all met at the interstate contestants/judges flash hotel to get driven to Chadstone. This is us walking to the minivan. Sadly it wasn't a limo. From left to right are fellow contestants Kate Stein, Lisa Twomey, Lauren Dietze and me! Behind is contestant Clare Byrne, and judges Kym Ellery (designer) Anouk Calantoni (Grazia magazine Market Editor who I found out studied my course at the Sydney campus) and Dee (blogger from Deelightful). My sister, Ebony, took all these photos for me.

People stopped in their tracks when we walked past. I guess its kinda unusual to see 8 crazily dressed women walking in a group!

We arrived at Sportsgirl Chadstone and were given some time to get out bearings. Here I am concentrating intensely in the shoe department.

Clare and Kate check out the vintage.

Because we needed size 9 shoes for our models and they may not have the sizes we got to choose them first, rather than during the 10 minute "supermarket dash".

The judges had a bit of a shoe try on.

The catwalk and our stations. I chose my lucky number 3.

Score cards.

While we were in the style me studio the store filled up with family, friends and people who had won tickets to watch the contest.

We got interviewed by Benji, the MC. He had an English accent and was quite the host.

Here I am saying something witty I'm sure.

Suddenly the 10 minute race was on. My game plane was to hit the accessories first, whilst everyone else ran to the clothes. We had to push past the audience. I just charged at them, apparently I'm not the only one who did so...

Hitting the accessories.

Dumping my stuff below my rack.

Once the 10 minutes was over it was time to style. For this we had a total of 7 minutes! I want to apologise to my model, Analyse, I don't think I was very nice to her at all. "Put this on, quick" etc... Sorry honey.

My god-damn shoes weren't laced. So I spent forever fumbling nervously with them. Honestly my fingers just wouldn't work!

Times up. Time for our models to walk the runway.

First up was Lisa Twomey

Then Clare Byrne

Then me! We also had to talk to Benji about our looks. I think I said something about Harajuku, Boombox parties and the beach???

Da da daaaa (stripper music)

Lady Gaga-esque sequin hot pants with a floral bustier...I like mixing florals in unusual ways not just the normal boho way. I also used a mini kawaii boater hat and Karen Walker-esque circular sunnies and those cute as cream boots. How cute would this look in the Sportsgirl mag? So fun yeah??? That's what I was trying to do, fun and cute with a little bit of sex appeal i.e the Sportsgirl look.

Next was fellow Melbournian Lauren Dietze

Lastly we had Kate Stein. Her model is Jade, who I have worked with before on a shoot, she is so lovely.

As soon as our model was back from walking the runway we had to style our 2nd and final look. Mayhem ensued.

Here I am styling it up.

Once again it was time to model the looks. Lisa Twomey went first.

then Clare Byrne.

Then me! Flower headbands as a neckpiece inspired by Make Believe and Anthony Capon, fringed necklace over sunnies for a futuristic modern look, orange dress backwards over a skeleton printed singlet, the orange dress is meant to emulate the look of the skeleton, vintage gold belt, awesome cut out shoes and the very Sportsgirl overuse of bangles. I think it looks awesome!

Next was Lauren Dietze

Lauren Dietze's model without the jacket.

and last but not lest Kate Stein.

The judges deliberated.

Finalised their decision.

Spoke to Benji about how hard it was to come up with the winner.

Then Benji announced the runner up, Clare Byrne.

Then he announced the winner, and we all look towards her.

Lisa Twomey is Sportsgirls Superstylist. In the background you can see me giving her the death stare, hahah. Nah, she is actually really sweet and totally deserved to win. While it would have been nice to win, I still had fun and I got to keep the fringed necklace, so score! Apparently over 450 people entered, so to make it to the final 5 is an achievement in itself. We only officially found out who came 1st and 2nd, but a friend of mine saw the score card and apparently I came 3rd. So that's seems a bit weird though. Rack number 1 came 1st, rack number 2 came 2nd and rack number 3 came 3rd? I wonder if the trend continued down to numbers 4 and 5 too? Damn it I should have chosen rack number 1, ha.

Congratulations Lisa!!!

What do you think? Whose looks do you like the best?


  1. This looks like so much fun. Well done for making it into top5!

  2. Sportsgirl are very clever with this idea - I bet alot of the other chains try and copy the concept.. Well done on getting into the finals! x

  3. haha love you giving the death stare! I voted for you and I think you should have won!

  4. hey hayley, these photos look so cool and fun. well done

  5. You did awesome! I promise I'm not just saying this because I adore you/your blog haha but really, I liked yours the best! The only other outfit I liked was the last Kate Stein. But hey, at least you got some exposure and made it so far in the contest :)!

  6. congratulations Hayley! so happy for you, top five is still winning!!

  7. Wow girlie! You did such an amazing Job! We are so proud of you...and are totally loving the backwards dress and defo the boombox beach look! You rule!!! xoxo

  8. I like what you've done with your second look, super cool.

    Although I like Lisa & Clare's first looks I'm not too keen on their second ones, Lisa's reminds me of a yeti from the Mighty Boosh haha.

    All in all looks like a good time was had though! Congrats for making that far.

  9. jesus... that looked intensive and stressful! good job tho, I think that would very translated very well into editorial photos.

  10. Thanks for the fantastic coverage Hayley... Looks like a super-fun, supper-busy night; and you should be so proud!

    Congrats again for being a finalist and good on Lisa for winning :)

  11. Aw I liked yours the best! But congrats on making it to the top 5, it must be cool to be one considered one of the most stylin' people in Australia!

  12. I loved your first outfit. I don't know but I really wasn't feeling the winners outfits. Maybe it's because I'm not from oz?

  13. wow, you're right, this challenge is so supermarket sweep!! your outfits are gorgeous. i can't believe you did that in, like, 10 minutes x x x

  14. you did awesome and it's fucking amazing that you made it into the top 5!!! huge achievement in itself. be proud lovely x

  15. mmm i thought the winners was actually the worst but anyway...

  16. Well I have no clue about Sportsgirl but it seems to me your looks were the most creative... maybe you lost points on wearability? Be editorial that's what I say.

  17. What an awesome little insight. You are amazing girl!


  18. Really interesting..I don't really know what the sportsgirl look is supposed to be like, but its definitely different from anything I've seen! I liked your looks, especially the 2nd one..Is this normal Australia fashion or really a conceptual store? Is it very mainstream? Really unique and interesting looks..

  19. I NEED KATE'S TIGHTS. Anybody wanna help me out here?! Where are they from?

    (Lactose Intoler-Art, it's a high street chain store, nothing very conceptual...these girls are just amazing stylists and make it look that way!)

  20. fantastic job! such an excellent addition to your growing resume!
    i spotted you at the trimapee show but then you disappeared was going to come and introduce myself. maybe next time! x

  21. all people are so stylish))
    your model is very snazzy))
    and i like the flover in your hair sweetie))


  22. Congratulations to making it to the top 5! Great styling and attitude :)
    I'm blogging again honey, after a break, please update your links And come say hi! <3 xxx

  23. Thank you for posting this :) I entered and its lovely to see how the finals played out. I've read your blog a few times on and off but I'm totally making it a regular stop off from now on.

    Also your blog makes me realise I belong in Melbourne, not bogan Sydney.

  24. i love your first look - plus the inspirations for it. such a great, uplifting, combo - way to go.

  25. wow - it was weird to come over to your blog and see lisa here. like you, she is a fabulous dresser. i love your looks too, and it would have been wonderful if you'd won, but still, i'm glad she did :)

    you're all stylish minxes, though, you know that!

  26. Well done Hayles, I can't say I am a fan of all the looks presented but thats could be the Gen X in me!

    I'm really proud of you mt dear, you look like a true stylist in these pics.


  27. Well done Hayley! That is awesome! I love the hotpants and the mini straw boater you used in your first look. So charming.

  28. i enjoy this atmosphere. you do a similar thing to me. i go on a lot of photoshoots and help a lot with styling. i like your style x

  29. Lauren Dietze's first effort was a clear standout. Bravo.


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