Saturday, September 26, 2009

Flower Power

I am our house's designated mail box checker as we only have 1 key for it and the mail box is situated at the front of the building which is my usual entrance, whereas Henry and my sister, Ebony, both use the back entrance. It kind of sucks for me because often we have parcels that don't fit in the box so I have to go to the post office to pick them up, even if it is just next door it ends up taking forever as its like the worlds busiest and understaffed post office. Anyway we got a notice that a parcel was at the post office so I was kinda bummed. But then I got there and it was for me, and it was from Amber and Ebony from Make Believe, who I know from living in Tokyo. I was so excited as it was unexpected. I thought I was picking up a superannuation pack for Henry or something equally as boring.

I rushed upstairs to photograph the amazing packaging. The colours of which inspired me for an outfit. My sister was like "Oh it came" which confused me as I wasn't expecting anything from them, but I did remember about a week ago my sister came up to me and was like "what do you think of your friends Amber and Ebony?" I was like "huh? They're cool. Why?" and she said "Oh no reason" and went back to her room. It turns out they had asked for my address and Ebs was just making sure it was ok to give it to them. Oh and yes my sister's name is Ebony and then there is Ebony at Make Believe, confusing much?

The most amazing surprise of all time! Thanks so much Amber and Ebony, you girls are the greatest! Look at the black, purple, pink and blue, loving the colours in this shot which inspired my first outfit in the necklace.

My dream necklace. I really did dream about it recently. In my dream I had won the lottery and all I bought was one in each colour, nothing else, ha.

Make Believe package colours inspired outfit. I wanted to dress in head to toe floral patterns, and well this is the best I can do...for now.

Nacklace: "Petal to the Metal" by Make Believe gift
Floral dress: Cotton On $30
Floral leggings: Supre $30
Belt: Camberwell Market $10
Black wedges: Savers $9.99
Sunglasses: Sportsgirl $30

How cool are my wedges? These are the ones that feel apart not once but twice during fashion week. They have been fixed again, but this time with nails and glue, so hopefully no more breakages.


  1. ZOMG YAY you have loved that necklace forever how super exciting that you have one of your own now! xxx

  2. AWESOME i remember you saying how much you wanted that necklace a couple of weeks ago!!!!!!!
    love the outfit (have a thing for floral clash haha) and love the shoes too xx

  3. Wow, so beautiful Hayley! I'm jealous :) I want one in every colour!

  4. Wow you're so lucky! Well actually I was waiting for the day you got one. You loved te necklaces sooo much and used them in a lot of shoots so it's about time you had one for yourself. :)

  5. That outfit is so adorable!

    And on an Ebony note - I know a girl called Ebony who married a bloke whose family name is Ivory. She got some funny looks after the wedding.

  6. How exciting. I like how even your toe nail polish matches :D

  7. Awesome! Hurray for free stuff and nice people :D Love this outfit, brilliant!

  8. Ahhh congrats Hayley! I bet you were super excited.

    And I love the outfit post. I like retro (but still a little 90's too) floral patterns with black backgrounds right now. The glasses are really cool too. Your style is always so great!

  9. i think it's time i went to supre and stocked up on cute tights!

  10. ahhhhh! I love love love your outfit! You seriously made our day, you are the cutest thing!!! The look is totally Make Believe flavored!
    And did you see Bryan Boy at D&G in the same one...fabulous fashion bloggers take over the world!!!
    mmwah! xoxo

  11. Aaaaahhh I have been trying to get these necklaces off my mind for days now but here they are - taunting me everywhere I go! Haha!
    You wear it wonderfully!

  12. Gorgeous! You really suit those colours :)
    Super sweet necklace (and friends!) and I adore your leggings. Love your black pedi too <3 xxx

  13. I couldn't help myself after I saw yours, now I kind of want the big one as well. Greedy little thing I am.

  14. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Make Believe necklace! OMG I want one. $249AUD is a small price to pay for having that dangling from your neck, hair, waist ANYWHERE!


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