Sunday, September 6, 2009

Fat Loves Me and I love Fat!

As part of Fat's Spring Fashion Week "Fat loves art, music and literature...." program I was asked to write a blog piece for the literature section. You can read it >here<. It's pretty cool that for this Spring Fashion Week I was part of not 1 but 2 official program listed events and that I was asked to do something for Fat. For those not in Melbourne, Fat is almost like Opening Ceremony in that its an uber hip shop with amazing young fashion designers work. They have stores all over Melbourne and I think 1 in Sydney??? I'm not sure about that actually. Remember my friends Amber and Ebony from Make Believe were down from Sydney? Well the reason was to create an amazing window display at the Fat Brunwsick Street store. I went down to check it out and I loved it!!! Unfortunately my photos aren't so clear due to the reflection, so if you are in Melbourne you really should go and check it out for yourself!

The famous rat. I wonder what is going to happen to all these flowers once the display is over? Will they become necklaces? Or can I sneakily steal one when they take it down?

Oh and the answer to the "Where am I" post is I was in St Kilda having a yummy lunch for my sisters birthday with my mum and pa (grandfather). We ate at Republica which had such a pretty view and yummy food. I really recommend it, although we did go on a really quiet day where we were the only customers, so there were no wag's or footballers to be seen, haha.

Happy Birthday Ebony!


  1. what a cool store it seems, maybe you can ask for a rat, ha!

  2. I love make believe...I actually just did a post on my necklace from there.

  3. Yay! Thanks so much for taking those great rule Hayley!!!

  4. OHH that MB window looks pretty amazing! Happy b-day to your sister!


  5. i do hope they get turned into necklaces or something...otherwise, yeah like you said, take one! get one for me too ;) hahhaa.
    read your fat blog there too! i'm waiting for matt's one to go up.

  6. Thank you for sharing
    I really like


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