Sunday, April 12, 2009

Savers Yeti

Look what I found for $2.99 at Sydney Road Savers yesterday. Yes it is a Hawaiian skirt. Yes I will wear it like that. I couldn't resist it. At the moment I am in a bit of a black and white phase and just can't imagine wearing colour ever again when black and white go so well together. I'm sure this will pass eventually, but for now I'm trying to be bold in black and white. So crazy Hawaiian skirts worn as poncho's are what I'm after right now.

White poncho: Savers $2.99
Black and white leggings: Supre $30
Black flats: Rubi shoes $15

Here is a close up of the awesome woven detailing in my cheap as chips Rubi shoes.

Under the poncho I am wearing another amazing Savers find. The black mesh dress was only $4.99 and it was exactly what I went to Savers looking for! I've been searching mesh dresses on ebay for weeks but haven't found anything I liked enough to buy, so finding this dress at Savers for only $4.99 was a dream come true. I don't understand the people who say they never find anything at Savers, I never leave empty handed.

Woven mesh dress: Savers $4.99
Tie dye dress: $3 Dimmeys (I tie dyed it myself)
Belt: Zara Tokyo $80
Leggings: Supre $30
Boots: Henry's from Savers
Black stud bracelet: Galaxxxy Tokyo $10
Necklace: Arthur Daileys $1

The mesh detailing. It has sequins through it and is torn in places. I am so happy I found it.


  1. a friend of mine came over last night and when he opened my laptop he saw my twitter page and was like, "fashion hayley!? we saw her on sydney road today!"
    now i see what you were there for. and i agree; i NEVER leave savers without buying anything. i went last saturday and had 15 dresses in the changing rooms. if they had all fit me i would've spent about $100. but still- $100 for 15 dresses is amazing!

    those shoes are great as well. i need to find some for wide, size 11 feet. it's not easy!
    i love that your belt is almost double the price of the rest of your outfit combined. bargain shopping for the win!

  2. Hey,
    Where did you get the Rubi shoes from? Looks great!

  3. Hey Anon: rubi shoes is a new shop in Bourke Street. They are owned by Cotton On. Cotton On also sells Rubi shoes in their bigger stores. more info here:

  4. oh my GAWD, hayley, yr fashion yeti look is SO FUCKING COOL!!!!
    you are a true next level fashion babe!!
    x x x x x x xx x xx xx x x x
    so good!! i love it!

  5. good find that black mesh dress!

  6.'''s...magical. :)

  7. Hayley you never cease to amaze me! I have no idea how you sniff some of these bargains out! You rock! Love the mesh dress!

  8. You never seem to have a neck in your photos.

    Please don't wear that hawaiian skirt as a top. You're big enough already, you don't need to scare the general population anymore.

  9. Great post! I love how you make mix cheap things with everything else, but still make it look expensive, and VERY original. I think one reason I like Japanese fashion more than American, is because people use it (at least a lot in Tokyo) to be creative and as expression, instead of trying to look cool or sexy. Way to go with this interesting style.

    Also..about the savers thing. Its crazy, because it seems a lot of people in Melbourne are getting or have been into the thrifted look, you'd think the stuff would be picked over! In L.A. (even Oklahoma actually now) some of the good stuff is picked over, but if you're creative enough you can always find things.

  10. i love that you looked at that grass skirt on the rack at savers and saw it's potential, It would have never occur to me to wear it as a poncho... the outfit is quirky and makes me smile :D

  11. The Hawaiian skirt poncho is so cute :D

  12. I really love that mesh dress, I haven't really been feeling the whole mesh thing lately but I really like it on you!

    Also, good luck with your puppy dog being back home for uni holidays. Let me know how the training goes!

  13. Those shoes as super great! I think I think the mesh outfit is a winner! x

  14. Love the shoes, such a bargain! May have to check them out

  15. I'd give the poncho a shot. I think I'd belt it though, I can't pull off shapeless for the life of me.
    I love your creativity!

  16. i need to get myself to rubi, not only because the shoes are super cheap and cute, but they're also synthetic YAY!

  17. LOVE the silver yeti, total door bitch fodder work it girl! xx also love'n all the outfit posts (oh and my family's wardrobe & home decor is sadly 80% savers same with the boys - i'm a total addict!)

  18. OMG that poncho is just crazy yet it looks simply fab on you! I think only you could pull it of.

    If I tried something like that my friends would ask me if I was trying to be an emu!

  19. Savers Yeti = you

    Facehunter Yeti =


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