Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Black and Gold Gay Bash

I was recently asked to door bitch at the Melbourne launch of awesome Sydney party Gay Bash. The Sydney party is famous for its crazy dress ups, similar to what one might have seen at Boombox, and uber stylist Ms Fitz at the door not letting anyone in ugly sneakers slip by and if your not on the guest list your not in. Well I of course had to dress up "fashion hayley" style (is that a style?) to impress these Sydney fags who are used to partying with the likes of Pip Edwards (another uber stylist). This is what I wore.

Super gold glitter, that ended up ALL OVER my face. I am so not delicate. I am also blind (short sighted, which means I can't see long distances...why it is called short sighted always confuses me, but that's a whole other story) Did you know that mirrors actually double the distance you are viewing? So it means looking in a mirror to put on my make up is very difficult because I can't really see my face. Hence it is always uneven and splotchy. Yay for blindness. You may also notice my uneven fringe. Again Yay for mirror blindness.

I also made a special edition GOLD pom pom.

And wore a terribly unflattering but seriously awesome dress. This dress was actually bought in Tokyo at my friends shop, Spank! I wore it to that party over there that I got very drunk at and made out with my bff. Ahhhh memories that I don't actually remember. Anyway the theme of the night was Suburban. So I was a figure skater. Most people don't think suburban = figure skater, but I do. In high school I was friends with this girl from the burbs (I have always been an inner city girl) who was a figure skater. All her suburban friends were all figure skaters. So to me the burbs will always mean stupid outfits covered in sequins.

The dress is actually a leotard so I wasn't able to go to the toilet all night due to having to get naked to pee. When I wore it in Tokyo I didn't actually realise it was a leotard so I had both my legs through one of the leg holes and I wondered why it was so tight there. So stoopid sometimes! I finished at 2am, partied for an hour (didn't have my slr on me though, so no photos, but there was a Gay Bash photographer there so when those photos are up I'll post a few on here, some of the costumes were AMAZING!) then went home to get some shut eye so I could be up at 7am for a shoot I styled for the next issue of Pocketto magazine.

Sneak Peak of the shoot.

The photographer was Sufuraa who took some amazing photos and really understood my vision for the shoot. This shoot went so well I can't wait to show you the final product! ALSO you may recognise the model, its my friend Anna who has to be the best model in the world because not only is she amazingly beautiful but she is also a fantastic artist which means she understands the creative process and is inventive in her poses. Her creative vibe is captured by the camera. So yes, I am very excited to show you the final shots this weekend.


  1. i can't wait to see the finals! :D
    i had so much fun yesterday, and the outfits were absolutely amazing.
    it was an absolute pleasure to work with you and Safuraa, i love your vision, Hayley! you're gonna be famous in no time at all, and i can't wait to see what you'll do then :)

  2. Love the outfit! Defo suited for a night filled with Gays! And I must let you know that when I was in Tokyo last week, it was pom pom gallore! Honestly, 8,000¥ pom poms everywhere! I am totally obsessed!

  3. Can't wait to see the result!! I am so sorry for leaving early ytd!

  4. Nice look! Definitely very "fashion hayley style..baha" and I'm excited about the shoot. I'll be watching.

  5. Hope you had fun! I heard it was a killerrrr night

  6. Love the pom-pom, as always, and can't wait to see the results of the shoot!

  7. This really made me laugh. I used to figure skate as a girl too! All hot pink and purple sequins.

  8. door bitch gig sounds like fun!! can't wait to see the shoot hayley!

    in regards to your comment about the boots... aus ebay most definitely does not have red chloe boots (or martin margiela jackets) got all the pics from u.s ebay xx

  9. ohhh so that's why your face was kinda sparkly on monday... haha.
    outfit is amaaazing. i love the specially made gold pom pom! the pom poms have really become your 'fashion hayley' style.
    omgosh. i wanna consider making anna the official muse of the mag. haha!

  10. You look rather stunning in the 2nd photo.
    And what a fantastic outfit!!!

  11. Could you unpick or cut the crotch of the leotard so you could easily stick your legs through and be able to go to the loo?

  12. haha i felt pretty stupid after being like 'OMG I READ YOUR BLOG!!' when i went iside i was just like...farkk im such a douche.

    so yeah, hope you dont find it too annoying. great night that was!


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