Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hometown Artists

Emily Floyd

David Rosetzky

Matt Griffin

Louise Weaver

Ricky Swallow

Not feeling fashion right now. Want to go back to art school and quit this fashion fluff. Ahhhh. Some of these artists were my tutors at art school, feeling nostalgic right now.

Im turning 25 this year. Most people in my class are 20 or younger! They haven't heard of Recovery, the music TV show that defined my teens and was last broadcast on April 29, 2000. That means they never lusted after Dylan Lewis, which may be a good thing as evidenced below:

Dylan at the height of his fame

Dylan now

So hot, not.

When people meet me they are always surprised that I'm 24, they think I'm 19. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing, but it makes me wonder, do I seem young, as in do I behave young? Or is it just my looks, in particular my style, that deceives people? Will I ever dress or act my age? When will I finally be a grown up? My mum had me when she was 24, I can't even keep my dog at this age!

UPDATE: BTW Anon comments are back, sorry it took so long to fix the problem.

also sorry about being such a whingy whinge bag.


  1. Wow your the same age as me, you look older. I always get way younger is well for my age, i ask myself the same questions you asked yourself all the time. My mum was already married at 21 and had my brother and i think she was also pregant with my sister, so i could not imagine going through what she did or your mum did at our age, it is beyond me.

    Dylan Lewis, god i had a bit of crush on him cause he was not of the stock standard male beauty as portrayed on TV, but i'm over it :)

    You might be older than the rest of the students in fashion school but just think of the life expereinces you had so far, i bet you none of them have lived the life you have so far.


  2. hahah okay even i know who dylan lewis is just from the random tv shows he pops up in these days.
    i'd say it's your style and how you look. you just look young!

  3. wow, really liking the work of matt griffin and ricky swallow. amazing.

    i think it may be the way you dress and your appearance in general, i definitely wouldn't think you look 24. but i don't consider that a negative thing in any way! my mum had me at 24 as well and i can't ever imagine settling down that young. you are a grown up but you're still having fun :)

    also LOL DYLAN LEWIS. i remember him vaguely.

  4. Oh my god what the FUCK happened to Dylan Lewis? And how good was recovery? Eugh.

    Also... Callan Mulvey. Major 90s eyebrow-ring crush on him from the Heartbreak High days.
    Except before he was in the first series of Underbelly he was in a major car accident which changed the way he looked quite a bit, poor bastard.

    What's Dylan Lewis' excuse?


  5. ALSO, the pieces by Ricky Swallow are amazing. HELLO SKELETONS! So so heartbreakingly beautiful.

  6. (re: your comment on my blog) oh really? see, i love northcote! i don't know if it's for the friend i stayed with there when i first visited (and fell in love with) melbourne, the friends i have now who live there or the amazing nights i've had at gigs and dinners on high st. i love a bit of the old n-cote. and there's always mentals to entertain me at the train station, which is a plus!

  7. maybe you just look young, which isnt necessarily a bad thing! by dressing up or down it can change too i mean.. in highschool ppl thought i was 21 :( but hairdresser today said i look young like 17:0 which is hard to believe for me. but most ppl think im older cos my personality is abit.. not crazy and young i dno haha! x

  8. yeh!!
    i love emily floyd!!
    hayley, its awesome that people think you look young!! it means you haven't been beaten down by the world, 'growing up' just means 'wearing boring clothes'
    and yes, i'm totally feeling you on the recovery thing (and rage too)... they were the best shows, i can't believe that actually got sonic youth and a million other bands to perform live ON SATURDAY MORNINGS!!!

  9. know how you feel - although i don't think anyone ever really feels like a grown up do they?
    i'm 28 and i definitely don't!

    Mathilde x

  10. HAHAHAHA LOL at the Roberto Cavalli one !
    It's annoying looking older than I am. I always have to show my student card when I use my student yearly metcard.

    Well hayley, do you feel 24?


  11. how bizarre...dylan lewis - i was wondering what happened to him the other day!

  12. This one time, Recovery came and filmed at my school. I totally talked to Dylan Lewis. I remember that day well... sigh. But the second photo is evidence of what repeated rejection from major networks will do to you. STRAIGHT edge.

    Bring on Callan Mulvey also - comment above. Right on.

    And of course, love your work.


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