Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Always late with the new stuff

Coming in late to this Twitter business, still not sure what to think of it all.

But you can now cyber stalk me on 4 platforms! Blogger, Myspace, Facebook and now Twitter.

Is all this really neccesary? I was reluctant to change to Facebook, because I had already changed social networking sites once before, from Friendster to Myspace. Does anyone remember back in 2003 when Friendster was THE social networking site? Then by 2004 it was all about Myspace because you could change the layouts. Now there is a backlash against the ugliness that is myspace (flashing gifs, loud music) and everyone is into the clean interface of Facebook. Will it all change again, most likly, will I come accross, probably. So does that mean by the time I'm 80 I will have 20 social networking sites to check? I hope not.

Twittering my thoughts and ideas on fashion, life, art, music etc. I'll follow you if you follow me.


  1. oh oh oh oh oh oh (aka "o0o0o0o0o0o"). Didn't you saw that you weren't going to twitter? Look who changed her mind...
    I'm now following you right away.
    Welcome to the twittering community!


  2. twitter has gotten so popular and crazy that this is the message i got when i tried to access your tweets:
    "Twitter is over capacity.
    Too many tweets! Please wait a moment and try again."
    i find it stressful enough to keep my myspace. so i cbf getting a facebook and twitter. it's not long before i go out of date.

  3. I feel like everybody is getting twitter because they're thinking its gonna be the next big thing, like how myspace was SOOO popular, and now almost EVERYBODY (at least college kids here in the US) has a facebook. I'm assuming its big overseas as well.

  4. Ahhhh Friendster, I remember that and how cool I thought it was. Also, I loved the old Dylan Lewis memories and I was kind of shocked to see him these days .... he was so funky back then (my parents sat next to him on the way back from Japan once and he was very nice apparently).
    And Twitter... yay! (not that I have anything much to say).

  5. I dont get these social-networking at all. I refuse to join any of those, because like you said, there will always be a new one and then you end up being signed up at 100s of them. Besides, I think they are a too useful tool to stalk you, and it could harm you in the end. Especially when you are planning on entering the corporate work force. I hear a lot about them researching about you on the net and since networking sites are accessible to anyone and most people post without hesitation there is a lot to find out about you. Things you maybe don't want your colleagues to know, though? So as you see, I am very critical about it.


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