Friday, April 17, 2009

Does Not Equal

A special gift arrived for me today sent to me by amazing Australian Jewellery designers Does Not Equal.

The package in itself was amazing. Wow black fringed wrapping. My heart skipped a beat.

Ohhhh a black velvet box.

So well presented.

I chose the "Single Down-Side" necklace which has dual black and steel chains with a triangle pendant. In their store photos it looks kinda gold but is actually silver which I prefer. It was so hard to choose from their site. When Does Not Equal said I could choose anything I asked my sister and Henry to help me and we narrowed it down to a few options. Obviously this won but here are my other faves:

The "Fisherman Cap". This was me and my sisters first choice, but then I really thought about it and decided I would never wear it. As much as I want to wear them I just don't suit hats. My Mum actually had a hat just like it in the 90's, which I guess is why me and Ebony loved it. When mum wore it people would call her "The Limo driver" which annoyed her. I think this would suit The Foxy Man, she can pull anything off.

Henry really wanted me to get this one, the "solid arc" necklace. What sold me on the necklace I chose was the dual chain. Maybe if this had dual chain?

I also loved the dual chain in this ring, the "slim ring". Maybe I'll ask Henry to get this for my birthday?

I am so not a model, and to make it worse I'm a bit sunburnt at the moment so I go from white, to pink, to white, not a good look for modelling necklaces. Yay for living in Australia where even on cloudy days you can get sunburnt.

Close up. I think it looks even better on fabric than on skin, its more bold. Next time I wear it I'll wear a less low cut top, but this is what I wore today and as soon as it came in the mail I wanted to put it on.

I wore all new purchases today.

I bought this weird knit holey dress at a little Asian store at Spencer Street Station (not at DFO, at the actual station, maybe it was Studio Girl???) It was $30 which really is a bit much (I told Henry it was $6, lol sometimes I am such a wife) but I am obsessed with layering black and white at the moment and this gives me some white on black to play with.

I also bought this fab knit cardigan from Sportsgirl on sale. It looks much better in person, but basically its long and baggy at the front and kinda like a spiderweb/mesh knit. Its also very very warm and cosy and it was only $49.95 down from $69.95. I can't find any photos of it on the online store for you to get a better look. I can tell you that I will be wearing it every day this winter. Sportsgirl has really improved of late. This is the 2nd thing in the last month I have bought there, having not bought anything since 2003 (The black dress underneath is also from Sportsgirl as mentioned in this post). I don't know what's changed but I'm really digging it. I even did a Uni assignment about their Visual Merchandising (The Romance was Born VM in the Bourke Street store is AMAZING!) Can't wait for the TV for Sportsgirl range to hit the stores next!

Last but not least I bought these patent black sandals at....Kmart...shhhhhh. They were only $34.95 though and they reminded me of these ones I liked at Leghorn Rouge (that shop doesn't stock my size ever, so annoying) I changed the laces to the white ones to make them more individual. The only thing is I sprained my ankle tonight wearing them on the coblestoned streets of Fitzroy and Henry has banned me from ever wearing them again. It ruined our date apparently (Henry is prone to over exaggerating). It was our 8 year anniversary today....8 long years, lol.


  1. I love the B&W look Hayley! Awesome!
    And that necklace is very interesting indeed - looks fantastic on the black! I think it's pointing downwards to say "look, my bosoms are this way!" (or something). xxxxx

  2. Naw 8 years!
    I love what you did with the laces, pretty awesome!

  3. You SO know how to make an outfit work. Even down to changing the laces. Brilliant!

    You look beautiful, and the necklace is so you.

    Have a lovely weekend. xx

  4. i have those shoes too! I think they're great, I get loads of compliments on them. And I walked around the city in them all night without a trace of sore feet - amazing! bugger about the sprained ankle!

  5. Great necklace Hayley. I just had a look on the does not equal website and they have some great stuff. The prices are quite reasonable too!

  6. monochrome love <3

  7. Hey Kiddo.
    Sorry I've not kept in contact since Easter. The pre-photos from the shoot look rad, can't wait to see the rest. You've been bargaining without me! I did a quick Soul Journey to SG on Lygon Street - great things, can't wait to show you. Hope Gay Bash was great, and happy Anniversary!
    Will most probably see you when we get back to school, as I go to Sydney tomorrow (gah!)

  8. I like these shoes! super cute! x

  9. 8 years is so amazing hayley, congratulations to you and your man...! hahaha i remember that time at carlton club when you told me you were married I was like freaking out!!! had no idea you'd been together this long!

    the necklace is unreal, i wonder where they are stocked, the arc necklace and bracelet are too good

  10. Ahhh you were telling me about this brand yesterday, the necklace looks SO MUCH BETTER on you than in the pictures on the website.
    That's the one I would have chosen too, well done!

  11. Wow! Your style is fantastic...very unique.




  12. Wow!
    I honestly think this is the best
    I have ever seen you, and my fave
    photos so far!
    Yay! Keep it up.
    Love from BC

  13. Those shoes are to die for! I really like your blog by the way.:)


  14. Hi Hayley, great post!

    Just to let you and your readers know, Does Not Equal will be participating at the next Craft Hatch market on Saturday 9 May from 11am to 4pm at the City Library in Melbourne.

    Craft Hatch is an incubator market organised by Craft Victoria and is designed to showcase work by emerging designers.

    We would love to for you to drop by!


  15. that necklace is pretty funky!

  16. it's unusual their website doesnt ship to Australia

  17. I bought something on there on thurs and it got delivered today, - am in aus

  18. love the black and white! those leggings are so cool x

  19. This is one of my favorite outfits of yours so far, love it!
    I met you one drunken night at st js a while ago, one of the last nights it was open.

  20. you can't go wrong with black and white. as soon as i saw your post on saturday i jumped off the couch and hightailed it to k-mart... have got so many comments since then - if only i could keep my mouth shut and not blurt out "35 bucks! k-mart!!" every time...

  21. I'm such a sucker for nice packaging.

  22. I found these shoes at Kmart today and couldn't resist! I probably wouldnt have looked twice but rememering what you did with the laces made me reconsider. So cute!

  23. amazing jewllery just found it looks insanly great on you
    the bat

  24. i love love LOVe your necklaces
    any chance i would be able to order them online>?


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