Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Miss Universe ladeda

Yesterday former Miss Universe winner and Australian mega celeb Jennifer Hawkins was at my Uni, The Whitehouse Institute of Design. Why? Well the Myer show was being held at our amazing 5th floor runway, that's why. Us lucky students got to go and watch the rehearsal during school hours. Photo from The Age of the actual rehearsal that we watched (I didn't have my camera on me, damn). I guess, even though I'm not a fan of Miss Hawkins, it was kinda cool to see her in person. Little did I know that at the LMFF Runway 1 show I would see Danni Minoque, Alex Perry, and Miss J Alexander from ANTM. Yay for B grade celebs!

Talking about celebs, I also bumped into and street snapped some famous, and stylish, Aussie bloggers.

Bianca from Quietmilk. She is such a stunner, and she also takes amazing photos on her blog.

Angela from Angela see Anglea, who is wearing REAL Christian Louboutins!!!

I had a fish and chip dinner with them and their amazingly stylish but alas blogless friend after the show. Those girls, at only 15, are so clued in on fashion its shocking (in a good way). At 15 I thought Louis Vuitton was some kind of French Airport (this was the time before the internet people), lol.

I also met the lovely couple who I spoke about previously. They went into my friends shop, Spank, in Tokyo maybe a month before I got there and told Yuki who was working that day that the reason they were there was because of "Hayley's famous blog". I recognised them immediatly from the photo Tabuchi showed me (they were wearing all Romance was Born in the Tokyo photo too, obviously big fans). So nice to meet them. I have already emailed the photo over to the Spank girls in Japan. Sometimes the world is such a small place.

If you are a facebook friend of mine you will know that I spent 5 hours last night editing photos for Melbourne Street Fashion.com. Please go and check them out and read the new article by Kat George too while your there.


  1. Your uni sounds awesome! That's a gorgeous picture of Jennifer Hawkins, but your pictures of bloggers are much better (and more stylish)!

  2. fashion hayley, i saw you at the show last night (i love perving on the media area, photographers seem to dress amazingly or completely inappropriately, no middle ground haha), you looked cool.

    i was dressing on the show, n was one of the lab-coat dressers at the start haha (i carried that blue fringed dress, it was bloody heaving, my shoulder hasn't recovered)

    was pretty awesome hey, did you see luke sales from romance? his outfit was amaaaaaazing

  3. Hahaha, Hayley you are indeed amazing!

  4. all the b grade celebs were at school too! did you see the hideous aqua number danni minogue was wearing??
    Seeing Miss J was definately the highlight and we managed to be sufficiently embarrassing and got photos with him. he's so tall! i guess you can't really tell that next to tyra

    where were you at speaking of our great school where were you today??

  5. WOHH thanks Hayley!


  6. i think jennifer hawkins is beautiful but i love the famous aussie bloggers! i read both their blogs and love their style:) gosh im so missing out on everything at LMFF i haven't even been to the city! you must be attending so many shows and parties! p.s i want to see more of your outfits n DIY! soon ;) x

  7. You are doing such an amazing job with Melbourne street fashion miss, love checking it out each day!

  8. Oh no you did not Hayley! Alex Perry & B grade in the same sentence? ! *gasp* ... tsk tsk.

  9. What a choice group of girls - I'll bet they were amongst the best dressed. J Hawkins doesn't really do it for me, I can't see what all the fuss is about. But good to see you working your stuff. this is the most fun time in Melbourne.

    On another note.. I jumped on the bandwagon again today (so out of character).. and will have an outfit post tomorrow with one of your fav's. My my, what could it be? ;)

  10. that's so cool! j alexander would have been fun to watch...

    I love bianca's outfit. you're right, her photos are wonderful.

  11. haha thats mr tonkin from Melbourne High. Little did I know he was into fashion..


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