Sunday, March 29, 2009

I know you all asked for no more party photos

Sorry guys for my week long absence, right after I asked what you all wanted from my blog my internet got shaped and has been virtually unusable. It does however go back to full speed after 1am-7am, but I haven't been up that late (or early) all this week due to 9am starts at Uni so that's why there have been no posts.

It seems basically you want more outfit posts, less party photos but generally more of the same type of posts. Well I did plan on having outfit posts, but then the net went slow and I didn't take any photos of what I wore. So what I do have photos of however is my LAST EVER night at St Jeromes, which is sadly closing. So yes party photos. I am so sorry. But it is a special occasion. I believe the last night ever is actually tonight (like right now) but I had such a FAB time on Thursday I didn't want to go again and taint the memory.

St Jeromes was one of those places you went to at the start of your night, knowing you will see everyone you want to see in order to have a fun night. It was THE place. Everyone knew your name kinda place. I have no idea where people are going to go now. There is nowhere else like it. As much as I loved it I probably hated it twice as much. It's down a dirty stinky alleyway and 90% of the bar is outdoors. The dance floor is next to a toilet which overflows and stinks up the place. The inside bar area is an impossible bottleneck to move through when crowded, but all these things added to is appeal as well. I guess it meant it kept the non fashiony (read indie) crowd out, thus creating a bubble of cool never seen in a bar before. Non indie cool people would turn their noses up at the smell, thus leaving the place to us (really there is no other word to describe the St Jeromes crowd other than to say it was indie). Its the end of an era really, like Studio 54 closing, only less grand (I'm not sure studio 54 stunk so much). The reason it is closing is not money related, but its due to the buildings owners wanting to knock the building down and turn it into a loading dock for the attached department store at the rear, which is currently getting renovated. It had been on the agenda for a while, rumours for years that is was going to close, well now it has.

Here are my photos from my last night ever at St Jeromes.

This is a post more for me, to remember the fun times. My net is back to normal from the 1st, not long now.


  1. haha, that photo with the two people making out is amazing!!

    i hate that australian internet plans are capped!! there is no reason for them to do that, its just cos they want MORE of your money!!!! that is one thing that i'm not looking forward to when i go back home...

    and its really sad st jeromes is closing!!
    x x x x x x x x xx

  2. Wow, check out all the lovely Melbourne black. I know it's so boring, but I love it.

  3. aw i was tossing up between going to st j's on thursday night or going to a gig on brunswick st and the gig won! i had my last beer there last tuesday for st patrick's day.

    when everyone found out it was closing, my friends were all reminiscing about spending nights there drinking underage, or going for coffee there when they were out in the city and i felt a bit left out cos i've only lived in melbourne since last year- i didn't have years of memories there! although i do have a handful of good times there and that is going to have to be enough!.

  4. lol at the people pashing in the corner of the photo!
    End of an era...and im glad.

  5. AHHH I'm having the same issue with my internet.

  6. Slow internet really sucks!

    It's just a Melbourne thing - that when ever anywhere good starts happening, it either gets knocked down or renovated and taken over by wankers.

  7. Don't apologize for the photos, these are fabulous! Your candid shots have improved out of site and you have the knack for making Melbourne's stinky places look like the most slick and happening NY venues. Makes me wish I was there.

  8. Ahh Hayley, Man, I do look so greaseball in every photo I flash up in. Thats just me though. Props to your photo skills for all. Jeromes will forever be in our memories.

  9. Ahh Hayley, Man, I do look so greaseball in every photo I flash up in. Thats just me though. Props to your photo skills for all. Jeromes will forever be in our memories.

  10. Thankyou again for today!!!
    So lovely to finally meet you.
    Hopefully it will be again soon.


  11. Wish we had something like that in Perth, I'd put up with the smell just to have something so cool and un bogan.

    Love the pic of the people having a pash.

    PS Lets see some Hakicho!


  12. Nice hickey on the moustacheoed guy's neck

  13. Another one of my favs. I wonder where it will be reincaranted.

    Great photos (as always) Hayely. I too love the one with the couple pashing in the corner, with the guy in the middle holding A LOT of beer bottles!

    xx VV

  14. post whatever you want to! :D x

  15. ur photos are really great. i love that ther is one guy giving you the finger . lol

  16. my fake id was confiscated at st jeromes. i was pretty embarrassed,and annoyed as it was irreplaceable, but now i'm just upset that i'll never be able to fully experience a st jerome's party.

    i want the shoes in photo 4!!!!

  17. nawwwwwwwwwwwwwww look at the two lovebirds! thats adorable!

    love love


  18. It's so refreshing to read a blog about all the fantastic Melbourne fashion out there, I love it!

    It's great that you know of all these cool Melb places. I've lived here for 16 years and have never seen anything like it, (although I am 16 now)

    I hope to do something similar with my new blog I've just started and bring some more attention to the Melbourne teen scene ( o.O ) But I'm not too sure on how to start out... If you could give me some prompts or point me in the right direction it'd be great.

    Anyway, have fun!


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