Monday, February 16, 2009

Tokyo in photos


Yoyogi Park Picnic




Theresa, Dan from Tokyo Dandy and Yohey


Visit to Sister

I am doing some work about shops in Tokyo and have had the best time going around meeting shop owners and talking all things fashion.


Theresa and yours truly

Boy opening party

This is Daisuke from Drop Snap. I'm having dinner with him next week to talk all things street fashion.

Bizarre who dj'd at my wedding back in 07

Spank DJ at Sweet Dreams + Tokyo School Night party

Tavuchi, my friend who I'm staying with


Marios Left Tanker Shop party

On the right is Rei Shito from Style from Tokyo and on the right is Emiko who dj's with Bizarre as "Sex" and who also dj'd at my wedding.

Yohey and Roxi dj

Faline 5th Anniversary Party

So many street fashion photographers in Tokyo

A limo in Takeshitta of the smallest streets in Tokyo

Yep I got to ride in a fucking Limo!!!

It took us to our next stop

Faline Misshapes + Cobrasnake Party

I actually left before the Misshapes + Cobrasnake crew got there as I got really really homesick all of a sudden...I know what was I thinking? I guess it was valentines day and I missed Henry like crazy. I went accross the road to McDonalds and cried then got a taxi expensive but I just wasn't in a big partying mood. I did see Leah Lezark from the Misshapes at the party the night before so I didn't totally miss out on seeing some "celebs" but that's not why I am here in Tokyo anyway. I am here to see friends and at the party last night none of my good friends were there, appart from Yohey, so I guess that just made my homesickness/lonliness worse.


  1. WOW! What a great update.

    FIRST OF ALL...your camera takes AMAZING, AMAZING pictures. These are soooo interesting.

    2nd, what is the store with the cool cartoon-like masks on the mannequins? Those designs look really interesting.

    Glad you're having fun! Don't get too homesick, before you know it, you'll be back in Melbourne, missing Tokyo. haha

  2. wow the pictures are sooo looks like a lot of fun (if your are not homesick at that time). enjoy the rest of your stay k?
    and i have a you know where your friend yohey got his sunglasses from?
    he wears them at the picture where he is sitting on the tree.i totally fell for the shape :(

  3. HAYLEY!
    I haven't left a comment on your blog in a long time!! I am still a reader though (and that since the very beginning!)!!! and this Tokyo update is really exciting! i'm always like waiting impatiently to see new stuff! cause it's not that easy anymore seeing Tokyo party pics online now... since TFR aka Narziß is no more :(
    Anyway it seems you're having a bunch of fun! don't be homesick! you'll just regret it afterwards! it's not like you're gone forever!!!


  4. these photos are amazing, you must be so happy with your new camera! and sorry about your homesickness, i'm sure henry is thinking of you too! xx

  5. Tokyo in pictures is really amazing.. it must be incredible hanging out with all those outrageously dressed, gorgeous people - so inspiring! One of my gripes w Melbourne is that the majority of people dress really boring, so Japan must be heaven!

    Is that girl with the grey then pink hair wearing wigs? Or did she just dye her hair b/w friday & the weekend??

  6. wow tokyo looks like so much fun!

  7. wow looks like you're having so much fun!you get to hang out with so many fun people, ayumi and yohay and everyone! hope you stop feeling homesick soon. you're making me miss tokyo so much!

  8. awwww. i'm betting henry is missing you too.

    but anyway. PHOTOS ARE AMAZING >.< looks like a bunch of fun.

  9. it looks like SOO much fun that your having! i am SO SO jealous and really, really sad we couldnt meet in TKY this time! but anyway, sorry you got homesick, but hey! your in tky so enjoy!

  10. Whoa Hayley- AMAZING!!!
    I feel like I'm right there with you, the photos are fantastic. You look right at home, I can understand now why you miss Japan when you are back here.
    Looks like you are having a great time, I'm green with envy!

  11. Hi Hayley

    Tokyo is totally amazing through your eyes! Thanks for such a fantastic photo update.

    Don't worry too much about your homesickness. You'll be home soon enough and wishing you were back in Japan!

    xx VV

  12. i love the new camera too!
    im sad to hear you are homesick :(

  13. like 10 million AWESOME photos.
    I love it.
    Will you be back in the country for fashion palette in May?
    kisses. x

  14. Oh wow Hayley, your photos are incredible!
    I love the fashion and you've captured the fun and energy so well :)
    I love the white stretch limo, it's so wrong it's right!

    I hope you don't feel homesick anymore <3
    Keep partying gorgeous girl xxx


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