Saturday, February 7, 2009

Photos from Tokyo

Me and Emily on the plane

Ebony on plane

Ebony's day 1 outift


My day 1 outfit

The new H&M

Hachiko statue, the one we named our dog after

Welcome party at Tavchi's house

Tavuchi made oishi nabe.

Its 3am and I have no time to write, just photos for now. Back soon.


  1. Hey! AHHH YES! I've been waiting for a Tokyo post. Haha. These pics are great. You're so lucky right now! I hope you have a great time! I see you went to Laforet already! hahaha. How was Ne-net doing? lol.

    Also..are you staying with Tavuchi? What all are you doing in Tokyo this time again? Sorry. I'm getting the responses on here emailed to me, so feel free to reply here.

    Also..that'd be great if you wore the shirt you bought from me! ha.

  2. omg best place on earth.i miss tokyo :(
    and i loove your blog btw. <3

  3. omg you guys have already been to Laforet and eaten nabe? Woo! It looks like kimuchi nabe to me! (even though its going to be 44C here today, I still want to eat kimuchi nabe!!). Have fun!!

  4. Hey Brandon. Yes we are staying at Tavuchi's house. We are just here to visit, but I also have photos etc to do too. About the t-shirt I bought, it didn't fit me so well (I bought the wrong size, twice) so I have given it to me friend Hillary and I promise to take a photo of her wearing it ok?

    Thanks for the comments Sharnee. I know we have done a lot on our 1st day.

  5. Hey again! Glad you're having fun. Don't feel too pressured to blog. I remember when I was in Japan, I felt really pressured, because all my friends and church family and basically my whole rural hometown (it felt like it) was wanting to know what I was doing over there! haha. Sometimes I wish I would have just laid back and known it was ok to not update one night..haha

    But I totally understand about the tee! That's too bad you got the wrong size twice, but I'd love a photo of your friend in it! Just whenever....haha. I still need to order one.

  6. LOVE YOU HAT hayley!
    hilary's dress/top thingy is awesome too.
    the food looks soooo good.

  7. i love your hat hayley!
    ive been looking for something simular for agessss.


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