Sunday, February 8, 2009

Tokyo day 2

Again not a lot of time to blog, so a picture heavy post.

Tavuchi took us to Roxi's shop ilil which is half shop (ilil) and half cafe (niche)

Shop half

Cafe half. Maybe not so half, more like 80% of space. Anyway we ate really oishi (yummy) Mexican food and caught up with Roxi.

Tavuchi, Ebony and Roxi. Roxi is obsessed with fake designer goods.

After we went to the Vantan school of fashion graduation show, called VCE (we lol'd at that a bit, for those who don't know that is what we call in Victoria your last 2 years of High School)

When we got there Tavuchi got her photo taken for Fruits magazine (unfortunatly I did not)

Tavuchi is an ex student and we got kinda VIP treatment and got to sit front row. I was given permission to take photos. Some are a bit blurry as the models walked very fast.

My favourite looks from the show.

So adorable.

Very Anime.


another crazy one.

I love capes.

My other favourite.

After the show I spent 40 minutes taking street photos which will go up on Melbourne Street at some point. They are AMAZING, I love my new camera.

On our way home we remembered to take outfit photos. We did it out front of a local crepe cafe called "Fucca Fucca" that Ebony thinks is hilarious.

Ebony wears:
Top: Melbourne cheap shop.
Dress: Melbourne Central shop called Apple Spice I think? $50
Tights: Shoobiz closing down sale only $4
Shoes: Hayley's from Aboh shoes on Brunswick Street $65
Beret: From Harajuku for Y315
Bag: Melbourne Central bag shop $20

I wear:
Ear Muffs: Somewhere in Japan a long time ago
Whisky Dress: Ne-net $190
Fringed Vest: 7 Angels $20
Fringed Scarf: Cotton On $5
Leggings: Kinji Harajuku Y735 (New ones YAY)
Shoes: Dimmey's $9
Fringed bag: 7 Angels $16
Jacket: Target I think on sale for $70

I haven't been taking many touristy photos. Ebony has taken heaps. She forgot to bring her camera cord though so we need to get a card reader thingy so she can upload them and take some more. I may start taking more shots of general Tokyo for the blog so you can see what it looks like.


  1. wow tokyo looks so interesting! i love the designs at VCE!

  2. I wish we were having some of that cool weather. Jackets, coats, scarves... oh my!

    I love that little cafe/shop. Can you please grab that beautiful skirt thing with the big bow? Love it! ;)

  3. Wow. I am so jealous, I'd love to be in Tokyo right now. I love that big fur cape, it looks so snuggly.

  4. wow wow wow wow. your blog is amazing. sooo inspirational. i'm glad i stumbled upon it. =]

  5. All so cute!!!!!!
    some truly inspiring looks!!!
    Need more Japan goss!

  6. oh my gawd, those kids are soooo cute!

  7. I'm sorry if you get a similar post twice...was messing up..

    but looks like you're having a blast. Roxi's shop looks so cool..and Tavuchi-san is always getting featured! You will soon too, I hope. It'd be like a dream come true! For me too..haha. But definitely more for you. haha

    And coming from one of the states with the most Native American people...that Japanese girl in the native American stuff....she looks HOTT!

  8. Ack these pics make me wish I could be in Japan....

  9. You look great! How awesome, Im pretty jealous, I feel like I never get to go anywhere!

  10. okay that fashion show.. looks sooooo AMAZING!
    loving ebony's outfit here! and you have such cute earmuffs!
    shame you didn't get your photo taken. imagine being in fruits- wow.

  11. The fake orange glasses are a m a z i n g. I wish I could pull them off as adorably as her!

  12. Ahh like all your other readers, I am so jealous right now! Those kids outfits are just adorable and I could use a few of those for this winter. Great selection of photos.

  13. i know! i wish i was back in japan now. im thinking about going to tokyo this year..hmmm.

    love all the pics! thank u for sharing.
    im very fond of the freaky gloves on the catwalk. they remind me of that website/flash/animation called "salad fingers"

  14. i want to go to tokyo so so much! looks amazing. i absolutely love that strange pastelly coloured stuffed tube top creation, really beautiful.

    Mathilde x

  15. These pictures are fantastic! You are so lucky to have been there! Thanks for sharing!


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