Sunday, January 25, 2009

Long time no blog

Sorry guys I'll be back to blogging from the 31st.

I've been busy taking photos, styling a shoot, writing articles, organising my Tokyo trip (7 days till we go!) and also my internet has been shaped which has made everything all the more difficult.

I got confirmation that I will have the internet in Japan, so you can look forward to daily (hopefully) updates while I'm there. Some exciting things are happening in the month I'm there, such as Fruits magazine is opening a shop, and I'm meeting up with the photographer from Dropsnap and he is showing me some new shops that have opened since I was last there, so the updates should be entertaining for you.

So yeah on the 31st I'll be back and from the 5th I'll be reporting to you from Tokyo.


  1. so many awesome things happening to you! congratulations!

  2. We miss you, well I miss you so hurry back!

  3. Hi Hayley,

    That sounds great, I will be going back to Tokyo probably 80% from the middle of Feb, for about 5 days. I was there in December, but need to go again for a few things and I also have to visit my new favourite shop in Tokyo. You should check it out. Wut Berlin, I bought so much last time, I'm dying to go back. Some of the brands they sell there have their own shops in Berlin, so I went wild over there too. Anyway, let me know what you think of it. There is a top I want that I didn't get last time, I hope its still there! Or I can find it somewhere. :(

  4. well still very sorry that we wont meet there or in germany either for that matter. but i still wish you a LOT of fun and please report. also let me know about everything new your discovering so ill be checking it our myself then.

  5. WOOOOOW! Definitely entertaining for me! I had no idea FrUits was opening a store. That's awesome. You'll have to give the full scoop on the all the cool new stores!

  6. gosh am i glad that we are escaping the heat soon. i only have 3 more days. and im looking forward to cold winter layering!! cant wait. x


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