Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Amazing FREE Online magazines

Ok so I kinda got fired from my day job (yeah 2 weeks before Christmas) because I made no sales (I was a telemarketer selling insurance, well I should say not selling insurance, lol) the job was HORRIBLE so I'm not too upset, but I am poor! So I need a new job, but in the mean time to curb my spending I am going to have to cut back on magazines. Not to worry though I have found some AMAZING FREE Australian online magazines to keep me happy.

Attitude Magazine

I only just discovered this gem, in it's printed form which is also FREE, and then found out that the issues are all online too. Yay. I just spent ages going through the archives and wow! I love the page layouts of this magazine, its very similar to Russh magazine with the black font and empty white space and I have spotted some interesting interviews with designers. I bet everyone already knows about this mag, but wow for a free fashion magazine it's amazing. It got me thinking though, why do we have to pay for magazines which are essentially advertising material similar to a catalogue (albeit a more beautiful catalogue)? Maybe I will become a Freemagan (my new word for a person who only reads free magazines, taken from the word Freegan which means people who only eat free food)

Academy for Men

This is an awesome online men's magazine made in Melbourne. I do have some male readers (hi guys) who may like this site as I don't think there is much online in Australia in relation to men's fashion, Henry is always complaining, so this is a great find. Girls tell your boyfriends, or even read it yourself, some of the looks are very unisex and androgynous looks are very in right now.

Pocketto Magazine

Another local online magazine, created by the lovely Aus Style. She is still in high school but she is amazingly talented. You have to check out the amazing fashion shoot she styled in the latest issue, its so dreamy. My guess is in a few years she will be making her mark big time in the fashion industry. What do you think?

Do you know any other Australian Online or Free fashion magazines?


  1. Thank you for Men's mag links. Now, I can catch up with Australian fashion trend while I live in Japan.

    Melbourne Street Fashion should have permanent link for each photos if it's possible. Otherwise, I can not put links to the photos on my blog.

  2. Hooray for Attitude! I'm bias though because I've got an interveiw in an older issue. But I deal with some of the editors occassionally and theyre very lovely!!
    No other free Aussie ones off the top of my head I'm afraid.


  3. Hey thanks for the comment on the wedding thing. I was a little bit ridiculous in that video! haha. But yes, its about as rural as a desert in Ethiopia....GAH! haha. I have no idea what that house was...just something weird my town did I'm sure. Probably advertising Christmas lights or whatever kind of house that is! ha, I don't know. And I thought the guy riding the horse with the big American flag was pretty hilarious. This is my hometown though, its not where I live during the school year. I'm on winter break. OKC is a lot more developed. haha

  4. thanks for mention attitude magazine. I was wondering where i could find a copy and its fantastic to hear that its available online.

  5. I don't think it's Australia-based, but another free fashion magazine is Fringe, which you can find at


    Thanks for introducing me to these others, it's great for getting a global, yet very individual perspective!

  6. I think you're absolutely right that there's not much point in buying magazines! Espceially with all the blogs out there to suplement the meat of free magazines (mags are the meat, blogs are the veggies hehe!)

    I think I'm less addicted to magazines that I am to the adrenaline rush of heading to the shops to buy a new glossy mag the day it hits the shops... It's oddly satsifying, even though a lot of the time I just flick through, never to open it again!


  7. nice links hayley, i will check them out! i discovered prim magazine (www.primmagazine.com) a while ago, i believe its american, its pretty cool! x

  8. sorry to hear about your job too :( you're meant for better though, im sure you'll find something way cooler to do!

  9. Pocketto's awesome.
    Too bad you got sacked... are you coming on saturday?


  10. i picked up attitude in hunter gatherer on brunswick st last week and it made for perfect resting-with-a-cup-of-tea reading! i'm really keen to get pocketto too, is it a zine? hopefully sticky has it or something...

  11. oh i love attitude too! it's gotten so good over time. i have a really early issue of theirs..and it looks so diff from the current ones.

    thanks for mentioning pocketto!

  12. oh and to answer brodies question, i'm not putting it to print yet... but by the 6th issue, i think i'll have enough money to make a bumper 6 issues in 1 thingy...and then i can try to get it stocked in sticky.

  13. Hey,
    I understand the problem of the link.

    if the link includes "favpics", images a visitor saved them as favorite pics is displayed. But, the set of favorite pics should be my favorite images to display correct images.

    On the other hand, if the link includes "lastup", LASTEST images are displayed. So, anyone can see the images because the latest images does not depends on visitors of the site. However, it can be anything more than temporal fix because if you upload new pic, the order of latest pics move to next position. I finally gave up to put the links :p


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