Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tasteless plus Rooftop cinema

Sorry about all the recent non fashion related posts and all the party ones, that's just been what I've been mostly up to recently, that's all.

Last night I was invited to the "Vodka O Tasteless party" at Transport@ Federation Square. The promise of free vodka and crazy trash bag costumes had me excited about this event all week. It turned out to be rather funny and "tasteless" with midgets encouraging you to play Twister (this is the midget who pushed me over one night at Carlton Club a few months ago by the way, he is a famous party animal midget apparently...anyway he didn't hurt me when he pushed me, it was just a surprise, lol)

They also had body builders and blow up sex dolls.

Plus giant penis ice sculptures and blow up sheep

The crowd wasn't too cool, but I had a few hipster pals there to make it interesting (even if they seem bored)

Yvan was there too

Plus Alastair and Henry (glasses friends hey?) I forgot about the trash bag costume so was given one at the door which I made into a vest. (This photo was sent to me by the PR for the event Believe Advertising)

The free vodka cocktails were actually yummy and you really can't taste the vodka! I obviously enjoyed a few too many.

And I got branded at some point

so that I could get my face painted, those were the rules you see, get the logo and then you can get something pretty

After we headed down to the rooftop bar and cinema at Curtin house and got to enjoy a free opening night screening of "Man on a wire" which I have wanted to see anyway. The cinema screen surrounded by the city buildings is so beautiful, but I kinda get that every night at home anyway, lol.

Also in other news a photo by Yvan of my sister is in the latest issue of Threethousand. She looks so cool don't you think?

Oh and in the photos that I got sent from the Vodka O party I saw that Nobbi from Big Brother was there after I left. Yay for tasteless guests and vodka o! (I'm not paid to endorse the brand by the way, I actually really enjoyed the cocktails and normally I HATE vodka!)


  1. I have an irrational fear of midgets - however that could have been managed with a bottle or two of vodka...I'm not even going to comment on the pic of you and the blow up's too

  2. Midget twister .... lol,
    i guess it would have been worse.. they could have been mud wrestling.

    looks like you had a great night.

  3. Hayley, that photo of you with your face painted is soooo great - you should use it as your profile photo!

    Thanks for commenting on the blog by the way, you were the second person to do so! I was so shocked to realise that people were actually reading it. Weird feeling, but I'm sure you're used to it by now!!


  4. wow sounds like an awesome night! I'm dying to see Man on Wire but I don't if it'll increase my fear of heights.

    You look great though, I LOVE your painted face :D

  5. so many parties, your way too cool! the face painting is pretty and love how you made the trash bag into a vest :) oh my nobbi haha he is my fam friend hahaha

  6. Yep, you're still the coolest girl in town!

  7. oh my goodness, i think my friend got bashed up by that midget about 5 years ago outside The Laundry!
    The bouncers saw everything but didn't break it up because they thought it was the funniest thing ever!

  8. OH wow, sounds like a blast. But you lost me at Nobbi. AHHA! Also you corrupted my young, innocent mind with sex dolls.

    OHHH Yvan's still here? He's awesome!

    LOve the face paint

  9. Too few parties have penis ice sculptures. That should be remedied.

  10. You crack me up Hayley! That photo of you and the sex doll is my fave ( what does that say about me?!) I don't know how I would have handled the midgets,let alone a random party animal one! I have a morbid fascination with midgets :)


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